Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Little Things

Have you ever noticed it's the little things in life that are a blessing? I have little blessings every day. Yesterday we went to a friend's going away party, he's going to San Antonio to boot camp. His mom pulled together a photo album and inside was a picture of Steve as his Awana Cubbie leader. What a blessing to see one of our Cubbies as a young man now entering the military. One of my previous Cubbies is now a mom with her second baby on the way, and she helped us in the Cubbie program this past year before moving. Seeing these young people continue in their faith is a reward for the time and commitment we invested in them so many years ago.

The privilege of watching my granddaughter two-three times a week is another blessing. Thankfully the Lord has provided me with hands that can hold her, change her, feel her little fluffy head, and feed her. I have lips that can smooch her little chubby cheeks. Feet that can go to her when her aunties and uncles just can't figure out what she needs. I have the blessing of her being in my life.

I have the blessing of having two little girls that get scared at night and need mommy and daddy. Just snuggling up with us and being with us is enough for them. They're content with us. Us. That's it. They don't need fancy things. Just time. Blessed to be able to have a lap that holds them. They won't be little much longer.

I'm blessed to have medical care. James had strep throat the other day. Thankfully we were able to get him an appointment that day and get the necessary medicine. How many children can get medical appts. and medicine all in the same day? Did you know that there are more doctors in Washington, D.C. than there are in the whole country of Ethiopia?

I'm blessed to have children that can laugh, who are healthy, can learn, and walk and run and and and........

I'm blessed to have a husband who loves his family. Who would rather be with us than with the guys. Who goes to work everyday so that we can have the things we deem necessary (a lot of wants, but necessaries too). I'm blessed because he is involved in our lives and the lives of other children.

I'm blessed to have a Savior who died for me. A Savior who gave His life when He didn't have to, who came out of heaven for me. Me. Why? Love. Thankfully I accepted His gift when He gave it to me. My life has been much better because of Him.

Blessings. They're all around. The glow of the bright full moon. The waves of the ocean. Cars that work. Children laughing. Good food. Just observe and you'll see blessings in abundance too.