Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sarah and baby Isaiah are here for a visit and had just come in the night before. Since Sarah spent the night at her friend's house I didn't see her until Sunday morning at church. We were able to sit together during the worship service, but she was up and down since she had the baby.

Church was over and I was gathering my things. I looked up and there standing before me was my daughter-in-law Sage! Then I looked to my left and there was my Jesse boy! I buried my face in his uniform and started crying like a baby. I was so happy to have my son in my arms again, except this time I was in his arms. Most of the people who were on our side of the church saw this reunion and were blessed by it.

I hadn't seen Jesse since August when we flew to Chicago for his basic training graduation. He just graduated from CTM A school, with honors mind you, and we were told that he was reporting to duty on Wednesday which was yesterday. He hadn't been home since June/July when he left so it's been about nine months for him.

He and Sage left Pensacola on Friday, and drove all the way to their new apt in the Ft. Meade, Maryland, area, dropped off their stuff and caught a flight.  Their friend Olivia picked them up from the airport so they could come to church to surprise me! Sarah, the little stinker, was in on this surprise and was part of the reason why she was here. Did anyone get a picture of this reunion? No! So I'm sorry but I don't have any pics to show you.

Anna and Adah were brought into the sanctuary from their class and Anna was so happy to see Jesse. She has REALLY missed him. When I took her into the bathroom she told me, "I can't stop smiling." Me either, sissy, me either.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Makenna turned one!

My precious little granddaughter had her birthday last week. We celebrated on Saturday at a park by her house. She had both sets of grandparents there and even a great-grandma, great-grandpa & grandma, and a great-aunt. Someone is loved!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

John and Basketball

John and Coach Conover
John has been playing basketball for our school Heritage Christian. He joined the one of the boys U12 teams halfway through the season. He had a good friend on the team so he was excited to play, and found that some of his other friends were also on the team. Last night were the awards for the basketball teams. John received "Most Improved" with two other boys. All the players were awarded a certificate with a character quality noted on it. John's was Motivated. We're very proud of John and the effort he put forth and we're glad he enjoyed it at the same time. Good job, John!

Friday, March 11, 2011

We have a referral!!

Hey everyone,

On Tuesday Steve and I went to an international doctor here in the San Diego area. We consulted with Dr. Dern when we adopted our first two girls. She gave us excellent care and advice so we brought in our referral information to see what she could tell us from the papers we held in our hands.

Our Little "A" has some special needs. We believe with our availability of medical help here in the USA she should thrive and progress quickly. We can't reveal what her special needs are, what her name is, or what she looks like until we pass court and she is legally ours. We can tell you that she is almost three.

Our next step is to finish our dossier and to send in our homestudy for immigration clearance to bring an orphan into the country.

We may or may not be pursuing a second child. If another child shows up on the Waiting Child List then we can pursue that child, or if an older child say age seven or older is available then we can add that child to our adoption without making Little "A" wait for another court date. We would need to have their court dates heard at the same time.  So this is in the Lord's hand. If He wants us to pursue another child He needs to reveal that child to us in His timing and the court's timing.

Our case just ramped up to lots of fees being due. Thank you for your prayers and support. If you feel led to help us financially please contact us on how you can give through our agency. Thank you!!!