Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Meskerem!

Today is Meskerem's 7th or 9th birthday depending on how we look at it. On paper she is nine, but according to the doctors and dentist she just turned seven. I don't have pictures of today yet, but I can tell you how the day has gone so far. Splendidly!

Last night we made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting, per her request. She added some sprinkles and a little cupcake pick that came with the cupcake holders. We had to keep one unfrosted for her friend who didn't like chocolate. I forgot and she reminded me so we wrapped one up for him and kept that separate. She really likes to take care of her friends and friends are important to her.

This morning she snuggled in bed with us, and daddy told her she looked like an old woman to which she took offense because she is not 100 years old, and to be an old lady you must be 100!

She wanted to wear a dress to school, she loves dresses for some reason, so she picked out a pretty white sundress. She had a waffle for breakfast and it only got better when she got to school. Her friends came running over screaming, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!!" They lavished her with hugs and kisses and the happiness on her face was a picture moment, but I didn't have my camera! Ack! They walked her to class with other friends running up and wishing her a happy birthday,  and while all the kids were putting their backpacks and jackets on their hooks they broke out in to song singing Happy Birthday to her. She was so happy and it was only 8am!!!

Later we're going to buy her a bike, a request from months ago, a Mario DSI game, because she and her three sisters are always battling the use of the ONE that we have, and then to Sonic because they have Slushes. I drove the little girls through one day after school last week when we hit their drink Happy Hour and they enjoyed grape and orange slushes along with a small french fry. I figured they needed a little treat after being in school all day and then mom loading them in the minivan to take a drive to the doctor to drop off a medical form for Meskerem's post-adoption report.

Happy Birthday, Meskie (as her dad calls her), and I hope you grow to be and old lady of 100 some day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Playground fun at White Tank Mtns.

                                                          Uncle James & Isaiah
Adah & Abi
Isaiah & Adah-Love the next two pictures!

                                                         Uncle John and Isaiah

Monday, April 16, 2012


The girls went back to school today. We've had fun over the last two weeks while they were off of school. The first week we went to Sarah's at stayed at Luke Air Force Base. We went to the White Tank Mtns and hiked on two different days. We were able to avoid the Teddy Bear Cactus that Joe got
 into the last time we were hiking there.

 We took the Waterfall Trail and a few other trails. One of them we were a little anxious because the Jumping Cactus (Teddy Bear Cactus) were very close to the trail and we really didn't know how close we had to be for them to attach their little evil balls to our skin.

Just to make sure I carried Adah on my shoulders.

The flowers were making their appearance on the cacti.

                                                Adah & Meskerem at the end of the trail.

Petrogylphs along the trail

                                                                 Sarah & Isaiah

The boys at the end of Waterfall Trail.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Care Package!

Even though we haven't been able to bring our little one home from Ethiopia yet we do send her a care package every now and then. This is what a traveling family took over for us. We received a really cute picture of her with the sunglasses on. Under the bunny ears is a little PINK car. I totally HAD to buy that when I saw it. 

Through the years we've sent over many care packages. From our first two adoptions of babies in 2007 to our adoption of older sisters in 2008 to now. I know they enjoy receiving things even though they're not quite sure what to do with it!

I've always used a gallon sized zip-lock bag and I STUFF it as full as I can with little things I think that aged child might enjoy. In this care package because she is preschool age I sent the glasses, some board books, a necklace, bracelets, bunny ears, a car, a dress, socks, and some chapstick. It's always fun to get a picture of them opening their gifts. Enjoy little one!


Friday, April 6, 2012


I'll be up and running again soon. I've had computer issues which resulted in a new computer. Yay and boo! I knew how my old computer worked and now need to figure this one out.

We went to Sarah's this past week and hiked in the White Tank Mountains. Total desert atmosphere and we tried really hard not to get attacked by the Teddy Bear Cactus which attacked Joe two years ago. :-) We were successful!!! I'll post pics soon.