Friday, March 29, 2013

Mom Mastery Summitt

Yesterday I came across this website through Pam Farrel. I signed up for a four-day conference called the Mom Mastery Summit. It's all online and there are over 20 workshops!

I got a free pass, so I wanted to pass it along while there is still space available.

Check it out: ---->

The summit will be covering marriage, money, homemaking, health, parenting, homeschooling, personal success, and faith.

Make sure you grab your spot!

Art Show

The woman's club where we live had an art show. The local schools submitted art projects from their students. My girls didn't win anything, but they had fun visiting the show to see their art projects. Adah was in the local paper. A reporter happened to be at the show when dad and Adah went to get an early peek. Unfortunately it was closed, but a reporter was coming out of the building. She wanted to interview Adah and get her spin on event. I was mortified when I found out that her picture had been taken that night and would be in a newspaper. Her hair was a mess! She had been at school all week, it was Friday night and we had been at a soccer game. All that plus me as a mom equaled what is called-"White mom hair." I will try and scan the article when I get to my other computer. Until then enjoy these little gems.

Love this little face

I just love this picture. This is my granddaughter who is now three months old. This was taken about a month or so ago. Isn't she cute?!

My new mug

I was serving in the church nursery a few weeks ago when a friend of mine brought me a little gift. She said when she saw it she thought of me. I was delighted that she would think of me while she was out shopping and even more delighted when I saw what it was.
It was a perfect gift! She knows me well since she grew up with my oldest boys. I do embarrass my children quite frequently. I kiss them when we're out in public. I dance in the car with them. I say things outloud that I'm thinking at the moment-good or bad. I threaten them within an inch of their lives if they misbehave when we're out. Sometimes I'm loud and obnoxious and sometimes not. My daughter used to beg me, "Please don't talk to anyone here!" She asked that because I strike up random conversations with strangers. So on that day a lady came from across the grocery store to strike up a conversation with me. I looked at my daughter with a smile. The lady said, "I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your skirt was." I thanked her and I looked at my daughter and said, "She pursued me and started the conversation. I had nothing to do with that." My daughter looked at me shaking her head and thinking I'm sure something along the lines of what was on the cup, "Oh, why does my mom have to be so embarrassing?" It's my job, honey, it's my job.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Makenna's 3rd birthday

My granddaughter's 3rd birthday was earlier this month. She celebrated by having a princess tea party. Her cousin turned five so the party was for both of them. Lots of little princesses running around!
                                                Happy Birthday, Makenna!
                                                            Love her!
                                                 Did you make your wish?
                                                     Makenna with Ariel
Adah with Ariel
Anna with Ariel
                                               Meskerem (Amy) with Ariel
                                                    Abi with Ariel
                                                   Addis with Ariel
 My son Jared on the right in the blue shirt-Makenna's dad
                                             Dad with his party princesses

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life at full speed

Seems as though I don't have time to blog or post little pictures here and there. Life is happening at breakneck speed and I just try to stay on top of the chaos.

I hesitate to blog when I do have time because I really don't have any lightbulb moments to share with you, I don't think that deeply that I could share some unknown wisdom on how things work or enlighten you to change your life or give you some wild wisdom. I'm just a wife, mom of thirteen, grandma to four trying to get through the day.

I'm lucky if I get some laundry going and a meal or two made. It doesn't help that I've been losing weight which means I don't cook the yummy stuff I normally do. I'm slowly starting to getting back to cooking my yummy meals, but that means I can't eat very much of what I cook. Seems as though I'm usually hungry, but that's okay. As long as I get my frozen yogurt with granola I'm good.

Tonight I made Black Bean soup. My daughter-in-law made a yummy salad with different lettuces, avocado, tomatoes, and onions. My husband brought home flour tortillas to go with the soup. We put a dollop of sour cream on the soup too to give it a little somethin', somethin'.

My second son and his family have been living with us for the last few weeks. They sold a house and are buying a house. While all the legal and financial things are being settled we get them for a bit. I've enjoyed having little Scotty Boy around. The first week he would wiggle free from my arms, but now he's resigned to the idea that gma is going to scoop him up and kiss his cute little face so he might as well enjoy it. :-) He's now laying his head on my shoulder if he's tired.

Usually we have our oldest granddaughter with us several times a week. I love how the different ages work together and how we all learn patience from different ages being around. Our youngest is six and our granddaughter is three. So in someways they could be sisters or cousins. One helps the other and they both exasperate the other. It will be so much fun for them when they're older and they have a close relationship with each other.

Two times a week I've been going to acupuncture to help loosen my facial muscles and nerve endings from the Bell's Palsy. It is helping and the acupuncture has helped my health in other ways also. When I go I have needles from my ankles to my head, sometimes as much as 27 or so needles in my face. Try scratching your nose when you can't move. Some days I'm in a room with up to three other people. I'm afraid to go to sleep, we lie there for an hour, because I just know I'm going to snore. I can't not snore when I sleep, but I really don't want others to know that. It's bad enough my family knows!!!

I just took our little Meskerem to the doctor yesterday. She's growing and thriving. Last year it was estimated that she would be 5' given her size and this year she has grown so much the dr. predicts she will be 5'3" and possibly taller if she is younger than her legal age like we think she is.

We've had birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays! James, Addis, Abi, and John celebrated as well as our granddaughter. We've had parties, dinners, and lots of fun. Abi wanted to take her friends out for Ethiopian food. They loved it!

The three youngest girls have been taking swimming lessons. I need them to know how to get to the side of the pool. They can't wear floaties forever!!! We've been doing that twice a week for the last few months and we'll continue through April. Living in Southern California we NEED to be water safe.

That's just a glimpse into what has been happening around here.