Thursday, February 19, 2009

Same ole', same ole'

Same things going on here at home. I've been playing with to find out more about who I come from and who Steve comes from. The fact that I have a Rufus and an Elmer in my background explains a lot to Steve. Wise guy. I'm now into the 1300's and am finding Lady's and Sirs. I told Steve I'm the result of Hillbilly meets the New Englander. For a few days I thought we were descendends of Edward Fuller-Matthew Fuller-Elizabeth Fuller of the Mayflower Edward Fuller. The dates don't match up for Elizabeth Fuller so it can't be the same Elizabeth Fuller that I'm related to.

Today we have Class Day. Addis is sick so Sarah is staying home with her.

James turned twelve yesterday. We went and spent his gift cards and then out to lunch at In & Out. Fun day with just James, Joe and I, and not all the littles.

I ended up cleaning out John & Joel's room yesterday. Oh.My.Lanta. I went in to retrieve an Awana shirt and book and ......well.....let's just say John is a packrat. He had food, trash, treasures, clothes, all on his bed, under his pillow, and under his bed. I spent a good two hours in there. He said he would have paid to see me on my back under his bed with the kitchen tongs grabbing stuff. It was scary, but someone had to go in and do it.

Our Awana Cubbie group has about doubled over the last three weeks. We now have 21 kids between the ages of 3-5 for about two hours every Wednesday night. Many, many years ago we used to have twenty-five kids, but it dwindled and dwindled. It's exciting to see it growing again.

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