Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We went camping in the desert two weeks ago, and we had a glorious time with friends and two other families. There was literally nothing there but dirt, dirt, dirt, did I say dirt? and various desert plants. The first day we set up house and got everything in order. Some went riding on desert toys, (quads, motorcycles, golf cart, and a Rhino). My kids had a blast, I had a blast and so did my husband. We don't have desert toys but we sure had fun using them!

On the second day I got to go out on the long two hour ride for the day in the Rhino. It was so much fun! We drove up and down hills, over big bumps, and went fast over the straight-aways. Our team only had one flat tire that trip so that was good. There was a spare tire so we were quickly up and going again.

That night we decided to have a taco bar potluck. It was delicious! Steve took fresh corn tortillas and grilled them on top of our propane stove to heat them up. Everything was so yummy! With the work divied up between three families it was easy too.

I was able to take some pictures of the desert flora and flauna in attempts to be creative. Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing! :-) Sweet blessings, Amy in OR

  2. looks so nice. I am bummed we couldn't make it. another time. good photos too. liked the one of Adah under the plant.

  3. Was this the girls first time in the desert(besides San Diego...lol)? I love viewing pictures of God's creation. You did a great job! I agree with Rachel, I like the pic of Adah under the plant. :)