Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sarah and baby Isaiah are here for a visit and had just come in the night before. Since Sarah spent the night at her friend's house I didn't see her until Sunday morning at church. We were able to sit together during the worship service, but she was up and down since she had the baby.

Church was over and I was gathering my things. I looked up and there standing before me was my daughter-in-law Sage! Then I looked to my left and there was my Jesse boy! I buried my face in his uniform and started crying like a baby. I was so happy to have my son in my arms again, except this time I was in his arms. Most of the people who were on our side of the church saw this reunion and were blessed by it.

I hadn't seen Jesse since August when we flew to Chicago for his basic training graduation. He just graduated from CTM A school, with honors mind you, and we were told that he was reporting to duty on Wednesday which was yesterday. He hadn't been home since June/July when he left so it's been about nine months for him.

He and Sage left Pensacola on Friday, and drove all the way to their new apt in the Ft. Meade, Maryland, area, dropped off their stuff and caught a flight.  Their friend Olivia picked them up from the airport so they could come to church to surprise me! Sarah, the little stinker, was in on this surprise and was part of the reason why she was here. Did anyone get a picture of this reunion? No! So I'm sorry but I don't have any pics to show you.

Anna and Adah were brought into the sanctuary from their class and Anna was so happy to see Jesse. She has REALLY missed him. When I took her into the bathroom she told me, "I can't stop smiling." Me either, sissy, me either.

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