Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adah Derartu and Anna Mihret on the zip line

On Thursday when we went to Indian Hills Camp with Maranatha Ethiopian Christian Fellowship One of the activities the kids did was the zipline. Adah climbed the big ladder and had Faith helping her. Anna wanted to and I discouraged her because she is usually so afraid of anything that I didn't want to go through the trouble of getting her up there and then needing to climb up and carry her down. Just before it was time to quit she appealed and asked could she at least please try it. I told her yes and asked Hack if he would mind her going. She got her gear on, climbed the big ladder, sat at the edge of the ledge, grabbed the rope and took off. I was so proud of her! I couldn't believe it! They thought that Adah was the youngest one to go down the zipline. I think the helmet was bigger than she was!

Walking up with Faith

Ready for takeoff
She's off!

Coming back

What did I just do?!!

Anna climbing the big ladder up

She's off!

Flying through the air

I'm so proud of myself!!

Good job, Anna! Brave girl!



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