Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adoption & Life Update

This week has found us doing a joint telephone conference call with an agency about a little one here in the USA. That took over an hour and many questions were asked and answered.

After the call we headed over to the notary's store where we had to have our  annual post-adoption reports notarized for the four girls. Every year we have to do an update on how they're doing, how much weight they've gained, pictures, and other updates. It takes me a while to get them all done, but at least now they're all due in the summer. They used to be due in April and July and doing them during the school year was challenging.

We received a generous donation from a family with eleven children. Some months back we didn't know if we could continue because of finances. These children saved from their allowance and hard earned money to help us with our adoption expenses. Can you believe it?! I'm updating the giving thermometer on the side to show the donation. Thank you children!!! You are such a blessing!

I've taken a break from selling books on ebay while I organize the rest of my life. The little girls are starting Kindergarten this year and I'm using My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum. They have their letter puzzles, dinosaur book, butterfly farm, and all their notebook pages ready to go. Today I spend HOURS putting contac paper on the items we will be using time and again.

After doing that I went through the paperwork of our current Ethiopian adoption and organized that. I told my husband I need a secretary! Next I have Class Day planning to do and school work for my older kids.

At Class Day I'm teaching Geography: Countries & Cultures and then a Christian Missionaries & Heroes Class. The missionaries & heroes will be from the countries we're studying.

At home we're using My Father's World for the kids adding in Language and Math. Usually I can't get this to work because I get bogged down teaching those who need the most help that I can't get to the point of everyone working together (think Duggars at the table). I don't have the older girls that Mrs. Duggar has to help! My girl got married, moved to another state, and had a baby.

All I can do is organize the best I can and know that it's not about the academics, but it's about being together, working on getting along and enjoying each day as it comes. BTW, Joe came home from Brazil or Brasil with reddish purpley hair. Ummmm.........obviously mom was not around..............

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