Monday, October 10, 2011

Adoption Update

It has been a year now that we've been in process with Ethiopia. We accepted our referral back in March and had our dossier to Ethopia in June. The reality is that we're no further along than we were a year ago. We received a phone call the end of September saying it could be another 2-6 months and that didn't include court or embassy. Others have accepted their referrals months after we did and turned in their dossier months after we did, but they have court dates. We don't. I can't wait until she is legally ours so I can tell her story.

I have been a bit frustrated with our domestic adoption process. We have been told from the beginning that we could use our international homestudy for the purpose of placing M in our home. This has been going on since August. It has gone to the state level and now back to the local level and no decision has been made. We are forging ahead with a domestic homestudy but could have had it done by now. I have paid two different agencies and backed out for various reasons and today I drove over an hour each way to hand deliver our agreement and a hefty check. They don't know if they will accept our case or not. The policy this agency has is that they only place one unrelated child per year in a home. They didn't know we were still in process with ET. That is why we have an international homestudy. We're ready to parent M, we want her home, yet red tape slows the process.

The best thing would be for San Diego County Adoptions to pop up and say YES!!! you can use the international homestudy to place her and then for the adoption finalization you will have to do a domestic homestudy. We're okay with that! We want her home as quick as possible and it seems like it is dragging on f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Yesterday we had other adoptive families over for the afternoon. All the families have adopted from Ethiopia and we all lived in San Diego County except for my friend B. We the parents had a great time visiting and learning and sharing stories while the kids played and ran and had a great time.

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