Thursday, July 5, 2012

Court Date!

After fifteen months of accepting our referral for a little girl in Ethiopia we have been assigned a court date. On July 17 we will find out if Little A is officially a Grieshaber, or will be assigned a new court date because of a lacking signature or something.

I just found out on June 29 that we passed the initial hearing before the judge and also that we had a court date on July 17, but needed to be in Ethiopia by the 14th. Yikes! That was just two weeks away!

I'm now scrambling to get things done. I've made travel arrangements through, had my travel shots, picked up my prescribed and over-the-counter meds, bought some new clothes to go with other pieces I have, bought a new purse that will go over my shoulder so I can have my travel docs right in front of me instead of in my backpack, buying free and cheap books for my Kindle, uploading music to my iTunes to keep me sane on the almost nineteen hours of flying plus lay-over time, and wrapping my head around the whole idea that I'm traveling by myself.

I know I'll get to visit with Little A for a few days before court. On my way back to Cali I'm staying in the D.C. area for a few days since Jesse & Sage are stationed close by.

Birth parent interview at court is on July 10, I arrive July 14, and fly out on July 18. I will not bring her home this trip, but will return for embassy maybe six weeks or so after we pass court.

I'll start posting more, promise.

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