Friday, June 19, 2009

Graduations & Promotions

Last week we Sarah graduated from home school high school and Joe promoted from junior high school to high school. James is "officially" a middle schooler entering the seventh grade. We had the ceremonies at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego with a full crowd in attendance. During the high school ceremony our family was able to share a half pew which means we were squished to the gills. Ten people in half a pew for HOURS on end. Not good. We managed to make it through intact. By the end of the ceremonies we had been there at least 6 1/2 hours. The children did pretty darn good though all of it. I thanked them afterwards for behaving so well.

Sarah looked lovely as she waited for her name to be called and very happy when it was her turn to accept her diploma. She even made funny faces for me while up on stage. (She does have her father's genes after all.)

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  1. Sure reminds me of when I was a kid with 9 brothers and sisters. We all crammed into the front and back seats of the car whenever we went anywhere, no van in those days. Didn't have a station wagon either. Sitting on top of each other and didn't go too far!