Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We have a graduate!

Joe did us proud on the 18th of June by graduating from El Capitan High School. He looked so handsome and dapper in his polka dot tie and graduation gown. He was our first to graduate from a public high school. We tread new waters with him and I'm very pleased with the results. He was a leader for the younger classmen and an encouraging friend to others.

                                                            Hi Joe!!!
He's scanning the crowd.
In line to get his diploma.
Hi guys!
                                                         Whew! I did it!
Thanks, Coach.
It's not about me, but I thought this was a great picture of the back of my head.
 Joel-who won "Best Smile" at school. Most of us couldn't believe it because well, this is the smile we usually get.
                                               Frankie & Addis
                                                      Cutie Pie Elizabeth
                               Now who can resist this?! She's so excited for her Uncle Joe!

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