Monday, June 22, 2009

The haircut

Did you see my new haircut in the pictures below? Like it? Hate it? I like it. Let me tell you how it came about because if you know me, I mean REALLY know me, then you know there is a story behind it. A funny one. My whole life is a funnny story so I'll fill you in on this episode.

My Ethiopian daughters love to slather lotion on me, comb or brush my hair, or any number of things that involve touch. So two Wednesdays ago Anna Mihret was combing one side of my head with a long, fine toothed comb and Abi Mulu was on the other side brushing. I was happily playing with my farm on Farm Town, which is on Facebook, and chatting online with my online friend and fellow Ethiopian adoptive parent Heidi. When Abi commented that Anna's comb was stuck. Several of the older kids came over to try and work it out. Problem was she had rolled the comb up my hair and possibly twisted it around a few times (I saw Adah Derartu do this to Addis's hair so now I know what happened.) After no success for the older kids I just sat at my computer with a big comb sticking out of my head wondering what I should do next.

Brittani, sister of Sarah's friend Hanna was willing to work on it, but that involved getting in the car and driving about twenty miles or so. I told Sarah I was NOT going to drive anywhere with a big comb sticking out of the back of my head. Even I have my limits.

Steve came home and he tried. My friend Judy stopped by and she tried and was successful with Steve's help. By the time the comb came out if was about an inch long. They had used a hacksaw, wire cutters and scissors trying to get it out and took about three hours to do all of this.

Now I was left with a HUGE knot, almost like a dreadlock and there was no way it would come untangled. No way. Uh uh. Not happening. We call Britt again, and she was now off work. She was willing to work on the knot but we had to go to her house. It was dark out so that was an acceptable option for me. As we drove by our church where our bookclub was going I waved my knot in the direction of the bookclub room and asked for prayer. Sarah and I laughed and giggled as we drove on.

Britt was such a sweetie. She laughed hysterically when she saw the knot and heard the story. Her dad Mike commented, "Are these the kind of people you tell us about at the shop?" She said, "Yes!" So she sat me down, diligently tried to untangle my knot and her face lit up when we told her she could cut it out. Oh the possiblities that held for her! Hair that hadn't been cut in about four years. She went to work and wahluh! My new do! Just an fyi, the girls aren't allowed to comb long hair anymore and if you see them coming at you with a comb, run.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Graduation Pictures

The cake at the combined graduation party for Taylor, Sarah & Hanna
Hanna, Taylor & Sarah
Sarah, Hanna & Taylor James accepting his promotion certificate from elementary to jr. highJoe accepting his promotion certificate from jr. high to high school
Joe & James
Joe, Mom & James
Joe & Mom
Mom & James Joe, Dad & James
Dad & James
Joe & Dad
Sarah's graduation board
Nathan was there in spirit.
Sarah walking into the graduation ceremony.
Mom getting a hug during the rose presentation to the parents.
Mom & Sarah
Sarah & Dad
She's so cute.
Accepting her diploma.
Finally done!
Yeah! Hanna & Sarah
Sarah & Taylor

Shad & Sarah
Dad, Sarah, Mom
Dad & Sarah

Sarah at her graduation dinner. We all went to Fuddruckers.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Graduations & Promotions

Last week we Sarah graduated from home school high school and Joe promoted from junior high school to high school. James is "officially" a middle schooler entering the seventh grade. We had the ceremonies at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego with a full crowd in attendance. During the high school ceremony our family was able to share a half pew which means we were squished to the gills. Ten people in half a pew for HOURS on end. Not good. We managed to make it through intact. By the end of the ceremonies we had been there at least 6 1/2 hours. The children did pretty darn good though all of it. I thanked them afterwards for behaving so well.

Sarah looked lovely as she waited for her name to be called and very happy when it was her turn to accept her diploma. She even made funny faces for me while up on stage. (She does have her father's genes after all.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A conversation between man & son

Dad: Joel, quit farting around.
Joel: Can I fart in a triangle?

Steve & I looked at each other because we didn't catch on that Joel's statement was in response to Steve's warning. We just thought he came out of the blue with it. John was in a full belly laugh and we couldn't figure out what was so funny. When explained to us we also had tears in our eyes from laughing. Life with boys is never dull.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Voddie Baucham

We went to Shadow Mountain Community Church last night for their summer series. Voddie Baucham was speaking which was the draw there for us. He is a refreshing drink in a parched land. He is getting the message out there that we have believed and practiced for a LONG time. Thank God for men of God who speak the TRUTH of God and His Word.

Preach it, brother!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adoptive Family Get-Together

Saturday our local Ethiopian adoptive family Yahoo group had a gathering at the beach. We reconnected with friends and met new families. Adah had a great time playing with Dori, who is about the same size and has the same spunkiness as she does, the two little peas in a pod. One man was getting a kick out of Anna's dismissive look. If you speak to her and she doesn't know you or want to acknowledge you, she will look you in the eye and turn her head with a very serious face, almost as though she is too good to be bothered with you. We got to hug up on Isaiah whom we met in Ethiopia and traveled home with. He's about a year and a half or so now. Cute little guy.

The kids had fun playing on the park equipment and kicking the soccer ball around. I had fun talking to other parents about our lives. One mom I had met before either one of us had Ethiopian children, she now has three (she was going for one) and I have four (I was going for one, originally). Seven kids brought into our lives and families, blessing us beyond measure. Each one looks different yet the same. They all have an amazing story, an amazing happiness, and an amazing love. We're just thankful that we get to experience it with them.