Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today I'm working on making skirts. I've had them ready to sew for sometime, but since I have to use the dining room table to sew on I don't usually get to it unless I have a whole afternooon or day to devote to it.

I bought extra fabric when I was shopping because I couldn't remember how much material I needed. I only needed two yards and bought four. As I was sewing I thought maybe I could make our new daughters some dresses. I found this one It's pretty cute! I like the dress and shorts on this one too!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steve & the International (adoption) Doctor

I forgot that on Friday Steve went to the appointment with the international doctor to talk about our future girls. He took in pictures and what medical information we have, which isn't much. Dr. Dern thought that they looked healthy enough, one even being on the solidly chunky side. She wants us to contact her when we receive more measurements and pictures. She's going to lay out a plan for Kaiser to follow after we get them home!

Thank you Dr. Dern!

This & That

Life has been busy since we went to the beach last weekend! Go figure!!!

Thursday day was relatively calm, as calm as it can be with seven-eight people in one house. Thursday evening was when the fun started!!

Steve brought home two hams for me to cook. I had a funeral to go to on Friday and I was requested to cook two hams and slice them for sandwiches. I took Joe to violin and ran to the grocery store while he was practicing. Came home and cut up the hams, bagged up the ham bones for red beans & rice (which we'll have this week-YUM!) We put the kids to bed and watched our taped episode of Lost and figured out that we had "lost" fifteen minutes of the show. Our oldest son at home had shut off the recorder and it was fifteen minutes later that we figured it out. We're not sure what we missed, but you know with Lost it was probably an integral part of the show.

Friday I went to the funeral and helped in the kitchen getting the bereavement reception ready. Our pastor's wife is so incredible. She has the reception system down to a science. I usually wouldn't work in the kitchen because I've had young children for so many years it just wasn't practical to leave them and go minister in another area. I firmly believe in keeping my children with me in whatever ministry I serve in.

Anyways, the funeral was for Jesse's girlfriend's uncle who was in his late thirty's. I was able to slip in to the service just at the end and our church was packed!!! What a testimony to what this man was! He had people who loved him and cared for him. It was an unexpected death and I personally didn't know him, but I know his family and I know he must have been an incredible guy.

Here's a picture of me all dressed up. It doesn't happen often so I told my boys to take a picture for evidence that I did at times dress up!

Saturday I mowed our four acres, (no, I didn't use a push mower, I'm forty-six for goodness sake, I rode a lawn tractor) plus I went over and mowed a field for our elderly neighbor. I had so much dirt in my eyes, I couldn't see. I swore to my husband that I was going to put swimming goggles on and mow. You see I'm already a sight out there while mowing, I wear duck hunting boots from LL Bean, usually a skirt or a pair of workout pants, my hat, sunglasses, sometimes gloves (red of course) so a pair of swimming goggles would just put me in the "way out there" category. I'm almost there, but that would definately put me over the top.

Sunday we went to church like usual. I teach the third-fifth graders. We learned about Jesus: The Great High Priest. Our curriculum teaches doctrine instead of stories. It gets a little tough sometimes, but the kids are amazing, the questions they have are great. I bribe them, I mean reward them each week if they bring home their SS homework filled out, if they memorize their verse they can have another prize. I let my ten year old son help me pick out prizes since he's in the class and he knows what they like.

We then had a VBS meeting. My husband is the Children's Ministry Director at our church and VBS falls in his directorship. I volunteered to take care of crafts. I'm going to try and get my daughter to help me. The jr. high kids and high school kids all help with the younger kids so I'm trying to "claim" Sarah now.

Then we were supposed to go for a bi-plane ride over the ocean at sunset. When we got home the plane company called and canceled our flight because the marine layer was coming in thick, heavy and fast. We now have six months to take a flight, it was supposed to expire in two weeks. I bought it for my husband's Christmas present. We still get to use his other present, which was a kayak ride at the La Jolla beach & caves area.

We ended up going to Black Angus and Target instead. I was able to buy all those cards that I needed for graduations and birthdays. It was a very productive trip!!! We came home and watched a Tyler Perry DVD. I love Tyler Perry and his Madea character. I tell you I am her in caucasian skin.

Yesterday we went to the cemetary to visit my Uncle Ronnie's grave. He died in the Vietnam war in 1969 at the age of twenty-two. He is buried between his parents. The children all placed the flowers in the vases and American flags around the headstone. We said a prayer for my brother who is in Iraq and for all the other service men and women. I told my children that when I die they need to carry on the tradition of coming to his gravestone. Someone has to remember. We can't let our children forget their heritage. The heritage of their uncle giving his blood for his friend's and country.

We found ourselves at Casa De Pico afterwards for a yummy Mexican lunch. Came home for a while and tried to figure out my iPod. UGH! I can't figure out how to get music or sermons onto it. I need my daughter who wasn't here. We went to Sarah's indoor soccer game and then came home and watched the Waltons and ate popcorn. What could be more glorious?!

Today Sarah gets a root canal for that tooth she hurt back in March. Go to my old blog at and scroll down to March 17 to see her tooth. It's now gray and abcessing. Poor girlie!

Well I need to go and educate my children. See ya~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Sweet Life

Today I took my three youngest boys to the beach. Nothing like listening to the song of the sea. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining, a slight breeze, the water tolerable, beautiful colors of the ocean water, and the company was great. The water had a slight chill to it, but felt oh so good! Pictures of La Jolla Shores

I used my new Wonder Wheeler Deluxe and highly recommend it! I was able to pull a cooler, towels, sand toys, food, purse, chair, boogie board, clothes, etc. through the sand.

Oh and I held a biceps really need to get used to carrying a baby again. I carried babies for years and now nothing the last few years. Can't wait to get my hands on our two girls!!

We met dad for an early dinner at Chili's and now can't wait for American Idol!!! We're taping Lost to watch tomorrow night. Season finales! Gotta love them!!!

This morning while I was drifting in and out of sleep I heard a thud and saw something fall past my window. I looked out and it was a bird's nest with four baby birds all over the place. It had fallen from the top of the house eaves (second story) to the top of the first story roof, which happens to be where our kitchen sky light is which is right outside my bedroom window. Anyways, these poor babies were chirping and very upset as well they should have been. I decided to leave them alone and came downstairs to my computer. John reported that he thought they were dead so I went up to check. They indeed were not making much movement at all and I did think they were close to death. The roof tiles were moist from the morning mist and the poor babies had no feathers to keep them warm so they were getting cold. I scooped them up with a piece of cardboard and placed them back into their nest, placing the nest in an empty coffee can and bringing them into the house to warm up.

They seemed to be improving and we left for the beach. John called several times throughout the day to check on them. Three were improving, but one had died. Jesse tried to feed them bits of raisin and hunted for worms. They were chirping so he thought they were hungry. Jesse called the humane society and he drove those little guys about twenty-five miles away. He was so concerned that they wouldn't make it, and he knew they needed more than what he knew to do for them. They took his info and told them he would let them know the outcome.

Our son passed his Investigations Study Test which was his last big hurdle. About twenty-five people didn't pass and need to retake it. If they don't pass a second time, they're out of the academy. I still marvel that I educated this boy. Me with only a high school diploma schooled this child. Shows you how GREAT our God is!

Joke for you: Did you hear about the fire at the circus?
Answer: It was intense (in tents) HAHAHA!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mother's Day

I am so blessed! I was able to have each one of my children with me for Mother's Day!!!!! I was extemely exhausted, but my joy was overflowing!

Me & Jared (23)

Jacob (22) & Me

Jesse (17) & Me

Me & Sarah (15)

Me & Joe (11)

Me & James (10)

Me & John (8)

Me & Joel (6)

Our paperwork is on its way!

Take wings little envelope and fly!!! We faxed in our acceptance of the referrals on Thursday, but also needed to send them by snail mail. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I can hardly stand it!!!

Steve is at men's retreat with Jesse (our 17 year old son), and Sarah spent the night with her friend so I just had the four youngest boys. Seems like that's how we roll lately, me and my four boys. I love it! Before we dropped Sarah off at Hanna's we went to La Pinata (YUM!!) and to see Shrek 3 (Yuk!). Two out of my four boys were bored out of their minds, but two liked it.

I found a great educational resource at yesterday. They have testing for reading, math and pre-algebra (that's the ones we're using anyways, they may have more). It tells you what they need to work on, which grade level they are at in High-Frequency Words, Work Recognition, Phonics, Spelling, Oral Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. For example: James is my ten year old who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is currently using A Beka Phonics and in the first grade reader, but getting quite bored. He's working in the second grade language and learning & sounds worksheets. He wants to read his Bible for reading and seems to do okay except for those obnoxious big words. For High Frequency words he's at mid 2nd, Word recognition-low 4th, phonics-mid 3rd, spelling-high 1st, oral vocabulary-high 4th, reading comprehension-mid 2nd. So you can see the varying range and it gives me suggestions on how to bring up the spelling and high frequency word usage.

Ultimately I think I'm changing over to Sonlight and have NO IDEA where they would be, so I thought this would help!

I need to go and get off this computer. Jared & Miranda are coming for dinner. We're bbqing baby back ribs with corn-on-the-cob, potatoes, grilled mushrooms, and strawberry shortcake. YUMMY!!!!!!

Oh and someone played a great joke on me!!! They sent me WORKING MOM magazine. I think my husband threw it away. Oh well! I'm a working mom, but I work in my home with my children around. No need to leave my home to work, I've got plenty to do here!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pics for Dawn!

May 11, 2007 (I'm the one in the denim skirt and Steve is in the orange shirt. (for those who don't know us.)

Accepting referrals!

We're accepting the referrals of two girls under the age of one! One has a brother that may be available, but they need to talk to his guardian to see if they would want him to go with his sister.

Filling out the paperwork now!! WooHoo!!

I don't want my emotions to get ahead of myself and because of confidentiality reasons I can't tell too much! Rejoice with us though for this part of the process won't you?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our glorious weekend!

We headed off to the airport early Thursday morning and flew to Spokane, Washington. We were going to Kingdom Kid's Older Child Adoption Training Program on Friday and Saturday. While we were in the hotel shuttle I noticed signs that read Coeur D Alene. Knowing that we have friends that live there I inquired excitedly where that was! The driver replied that it was about thirty minutes from where we were! Are you kidding me?!!! I immediately started hunting down phone numbers and finally came up with the ones I wanted. I called and Stephanie answered her phone, but Crystal did not. Steph and I talked and arranged for us to come over the next night. John would come pick us up after the meeting was over and then bring us back. GREAT!!!! But!!! It got even better!!! Stephanie and Crystal (friends to me but sisters-in-law to each other) talked and agreed to come meet us at the hotel, since we were located right between them and we could all go out for dinner. Another friend was able to join us and off we went! Mike and Crystal brought their three WONDERFUL boys that I wanted to take home in my suitcase and John and Stephanie brought their youngest of four.

We walked around the Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane and looked at the waterfalls. Then we all headed to the mall and finally found a place that would take all eleven of us. We went to the Sawtooth Grill and had a splendid time!!! The night ended all too soon.

Steve and I got up bright and early Friday morning for training. Very informative and eye opening. There were seventeen families represented. On Saturday we had Injera and the fixings for lunch. I thought it was actually pretty good. It tasted a bit like sourdough bread. I was encouraged when it was mentioned that the injera had been purchased and not homemade. (hope for me yet!)

I need to wrap this up so I can go finish dinner. We left encouraged and hopeful, but educated as much as we could be in two days. Thanks Steve and Michelle, you did a GREAT job!!!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Old Blog

For any of you who care, you can find my old blog at

Sarah and the Prom

Sarah Aaron & Sarah
Hanna & Sarah
Aaron, Sarah, Hanna & Jacob
The girls showing their corsages

Sarah went to the local high school's prom Saturday night. She was asked to go by her friend Aaron while they were in Ecuador. Sarah's best friend Hanna also went with Aaron's best friend Jacob. The girls looked absolutely beautiful and the guys were very handsome.

They were chauffered around town by our youth pastor Shad. He borrowed his brother-in-laws Mercedes so they could ride in style. My solution was to have Jesse dress up in his tux and use our mini-van, but I guess that didn't have the same effect.

Shad drove them to Harbor/Shelter Island (I've lived in San Diego all my life & I still get them confused.) where they went to Island Prime for crab and filet mignon. They then headed to the Midway, a boat used for military purposes. I'm sure it's retired and that it is called something more official than a boat, but I'm not up on my military history or recent San Diego history. Maybe it's not retired because they said there were helicopters and other things on it, so they wouldn't be there if it was inactive. Right?

The prom started at 8pm and ended at 11pm or so. Shad drove them over to his friend's house where they reminisced over the evening. Unfortunately the night had to come to an end and they all went home to sleep.

The next morning Jesse, Sarah and Aaron drove up to Six Flags Magic Mountain in the Los Angeles area. Hanna, Jacob, and Hanna's sister and her friend went to California Adventure in Anaheim. All arrived home safely and the "fun" weekend had to come to a close.