Monday, June 21, 2010

Jesse's in bootcamp

Jesse was picked up by his recruiter bright and early on Friday morning. 5am to be exact. His bride was hoping for just a few more minutes together, but time in the military is exact, and this was no exception.

We were in Arizona visiting Sarah and had said our good-byes the day before, giving Jesse and Sage time alone in the house for their last evening together. I hugged him tight, gazed into his eyes, and then let go. For so many years I held on to him. I protected him as best I could. I taught him his academics, made sure he was obedient, polite, helped him overcome his shyness, recited his AWANA verses, etc...

But now he was in the hands of the same people/system I had sheltered him from. Our government. He is a man now and joined the Navy last year. He swore in with us, his girlfriend who is now his wife, and his friends looking on. I was so proud of him.

He is stepping into uncharted waters for our immediate family. That's Jesse though. It doesn't bother him to walk the path alone. He's strong in his faith, knows who he is and what he believes. This is just a step in the path. His path. I'm in awe of the One who allowed me to help him get started on the first step. Thank you.

By the way, we weren't going to have any more children after our first two. Uh-uh. I was done. Then a friend showed me in the Bible that God says children are a blessing. I had never heard that before. Just about everyone I knew didn't even want the children they had, and certainly didn't want more. We believed what the Bible said. Threw away the birth control and had a baby. Jesse. He was very much wanted and a blessing every day of his life. May he continue to bless those who come in contact with him as he has blessed us.