Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We have a graduate!

Joe did us proud on the 18th of June by graduating from El Capitan High School. He looked so handsome and dapper in his polka dot tie and graduation gown. He was our first to graduate from a public high school. We tread new waters with him and I'm very pleased with the results. He was a leader for the younger classmen and an encouraging friend to others.

                                                            Hi Joe!!!
He's scanning the crowd.
In line to get his diploma.
Hi guys!
                                                         Whew! I did it!
Thanks, Coach.
It's not about me, but I thought this was a great picture of the back of my head.
 Joel-who won "Best Smile" at school. Most of us couldn't believe it because well, this is the smile we usually get.
                                               Frankie & Addis
                                                      Cutie Pie Elizabeth
                               Now who can resist this?! She's so excited for her Uncle Joe!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

School Awards

June 17 was the Awards ceremony for the girls' school. I can't find the awards right now to tell you exactly what they won, but I can give a general idea. I quit taking pictures because the girls were facing to the side and not facing me.
Adah received an award for "Best Effort."
Addis received an award for P.E.
                                            Abi receiving her award.

 and surprise, surprise I won the Principal's Award for volunteering throughout the year. You can tell how amused the teacher's are behind me. :-) I felt bad for Meskerem before I received the award because she was the only one of the five girls that did not receive recognition for anything, and then to have me win one, well, that was over the top. I wished she would have received something instead of me.

Father's Day 2013

Steve & Sons
                                                     Steve & Daughters
                                                    Steve & all the girls
                                                     Me, Steve and our 13 kids
                                                Jared, Miranda & Makenna

Let's continue on with our June activities

So June was ridiculously busy. The weekend after Jared's 30th birthday party we threw a combined high school graduation party for Joe and his friend. Since the party was at the bay all of the supplies and party goods needed to be packed up and taken down there.

Joe works for a friend from church who has a kayak business, and we were able to rent the kayaks for the day. At one point Steve and I were able to go out with four couples/friends and kayak around the bay. Exquisite views and we could have stayed out there all day, but had to get back in since we were the party hosts.

Here's a few pics of the grandkids.

A favorite of my daughter-in-law Miranda.
In between both parties we still had school happening for the girls. I was asked to help at the Wacky Olympics. My station was helping with the whipped cream pies. Three pieces of taffy were placed at the bottom of a bowl with whipped cream on top. No hands were used and the team that finished first won. I decided that taffy was a choking hazard when trying to eat fast with whipped cream right behind it. Yuck! I can't figure out why the vertical pics are coming out horizontal and I'm not able to rotate them. hmmm....
She was in a run-off with him. He's checking on his competition.

                                       Love how she just picked it up to eat.

Heavier Subject

I came across this blog through a facebook friend who was posting about it so others could see how hard life is for her adopted children. As I read it, I saw myself being described. Not all of it, not the sweats and the fetal position, not now-in the past when I was a teen, yes, but not now.

It's a heavy subject and there are cuss words in it. If you don't want to read those, then don't go to the link. If you've ever been a victim at the hands of someone else, then maybe you can relate too.  I Was a Foster Kid  I wasn't a foster kid, this was in my own family. Imagine how confusing that was!