Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Addis and 6th grade camp

Addis got to go to 6th grade camp back in March. She had alot of fun and met some new friends.

These were taken right when we got there.

John's 11th bday-March 25

The birthday boy at Class Day during P.E.
Happy 11th!

John wanted nothing more than to hold Makenna and go to Round Table Pizza for his birthday. He got to do both!

Checkin' out grandpa

John the birthday boy
Such a tender moment

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makenna withdrawls

I hadn't seen Makenna in two weeks so I had to make a trip over to visit her! I had Adah and Anna with me and Grandpa Steve dropped by with some pizza. Loved that! Later on in the visit she fell asleep on me, oh, I was in heaven!!! Love that girl and any time I get to snuggle with her is paradise! I know all you grandmas know what I mean.

Auntie Adah holding her real life baby doll. Makenna is almost as big as she is!

7 weeks today!
Aunties making sure she's having a good time.

Wonder what her hands will accomplish in her lifetime.....
Auntie Anna
Grandpa and his girl

Anna & Adah

I took these pictures at our last Class Day Preschool class. They're so stinkin' cute.

Anna-A True Princess

Anna is known in our family as "The Princess." She is girly-girl, loves frills and bling, and would do quite well living in a castle as an only child surrounded by a tv so she could watch Team Umizoomi and dolls, dolls, and more dolls to play with. One night she went up to get ready for bed. She came back down to rock with mommy and upon her head was her crown, although upside down, it was on. The Princess was ready for her royal night of sleep.

Guess who's pregnant?!!!

Due Date is Dec. 6 (I think)

Jared's family pics

Jared, Miranda & Makenna

Makenna at two weeks.


We were able to go to Legoland one day as a family. Tickets were offered for only $10 each through our Home School ISP. We don't have many pictures of the boys as they went off on their own most of the day.

Anna is a little stressed here. On the way in she saw a Lego elephant but it was the loud TRUMPETING that it did that did her in. It took a little bit to calm her down so she could enjoy her day.
Mulu LOVED this area. She went into her moves that are distinctly Mulu's.

We were giving fives as they went by. The boys joined up with us for lunch.

The little girls kept driving into the wall. I hope it's not a sign of things to come.....

Some of us.