Monday, December 13, 2010


This is my gorgeous granddaugher Makenna. She's nine months old and the apple of our eye!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Wrist Band Fundraiser

Our Home School wristbands-Heritage Christian School~~~Living a Vision
Our wristbands are in hand and they are ready for sale. We currently have five designs with a sixth on its way.  All funds will go towards paying off the wristbands and our adoption. There are some imperfections on the wristbands. I will try and send you the best that I have at the time.

Prices: $1.00 each
Shipping up 30 bracelets $2.00- First Class Mail total
                     30-60           $3.50-First class Mail
                    $5.00-Priority Mail

For payment you can go to the Paypal button on the right of the blog. Tell me what you want and your address. If you live in the San Diego area I can hand deliver. You're also welcome to send me a check. Shoot me an email at if you have any questions. Thanks!

Every Child Deserves a Family-Front Color swirl  will vary on each bracelet

Every Child Deserves a Family  (back)

Selected Not Expected designed by Sheri. This phrase was on her adoption announcement when she joined her family many, many years ago.
Selected Not Expected front-Comes in Adult or children's size
Selected Not Expected Back

Faith Hope Love designed by Joe my 15 year old son-Front and back are the same.

The color segment varies on each of the Ethiopia bracelets.
I Love Ethiopia front (Adult size)
I Love Ethiopia (back)

Jesus Christ is Lord-Front (Adult size) Glow in the Dark

Jesus Christ is Lord back-Designed by James my 13 year old son

The Accident

On Thursday (this was last month) we headed to my daughter's who lives in Arizona. My son Joe wanted to introduce me to Fred's Burgers and since I had never been there I was eager to try it. We had Fred's Burgers in sight and started turning right. As we turned we saw a man lying in the middle of the road. No one was helping him and cars were going around him. I couldn't quite wrap my head around what was actually happening. I said to Joe, "What is going on? This man is obviously hurt yet no one is helping him." I decided we had to pull into the shopping center and go to him to see if there was something we could do. As we were pulling in we saw a young man run from one of the stores to help the man, but I don't know what happened to him, maybe he was the one who called 911. The man had been on a bicycle and was hit by a delivery truck. The delivery truck pulled into the same shopping center parking lot where we were. The accident had just happened, we just didn't see the impact, we saw the after impact.

I got out of my van leaving my son to himself and ran out to the man. He was lying on his right side, his bike wrapped somewhat around him, blood streaming from his nose and mouth. I wanted to pray, but I didn't even know where to start. "Dear Jesus, help this man." was about all I could manage to pull together in my mind. I assessed his situation and tried to process what I was seeing and what had just happened. He was breathing, but his breathing was sort of a choking gasping desperate attempt at getting air. He was not coherent, his body was just breathing, loudly. Near his head was a puddle of liquid, a mix of blood and alcohol, probably vodka by the strong smell. There was an empty fifth bottle of something near his head and a forty ounce can of beer probably at the point of impact. Since he was bleeding and obviously hurt very seriously I didn't want to touch him, what would I have done? I thought about just lying my hand on him and praying, but I didn't. Another man in an orange shirt, possibly a Cals Tran worker was now on the scene with me, and he was about to touch the guy when bystanders on the curb were yelling at him not to touch the guy or anything at the scene. They didn't know if his neck was broken or not. So he didn't touch him either. What a helpless feeling, someone obviously needs help but we were woefully inadequate to help him.

I walked over to two men on the other side of the street from where we parked, they were right in front of Fred's Burgers and I asked them if they thought we should divert the traffic down the alley. They shrugged and didn't know, so I took matters into my own hands and started directing traffic around the scene. The smell of alcohol was overwhelming. It took all the strength I had not to vomit. Just as I was about to step away because of the smell I saw the police car lights and heard the sirens screaming towards us. I quickly ran to the side of the street where Joe was, and he was now standing on the curb waiting for me.

The first police officers and paramedics arrived and as they got to the man and noticed he was breathing they encouraged him to "stay with them." This poor man was still not coherent. He had no idea what was going on. As they were preparing him and themselves to take him to the hospital Joe and I decided to leave. We were on our way to my daughter's and needed to drive about three hundred twenty miles. Before we got in the car we walked over to the delivery truck that hit him and saw a big impact indentation where the windshield was shattered. I'm guessing this man cut across traffic as he approached the corner or was leaving the corner to get to the other side of the street. He must have either been going to the local park where the homeless hang out or he was coming from it. We found out he was a homeless man and arrived brain dead at the hospital.

I look at what happened. His life was there one minute and gone the next. Why did we, of all people, come around the corner when we did? Why wasn't anyone helping him? How could I have prayed for him more differently or more effectively? I don't know. I do know that God ordained us to be in that spot at that moment. I just don't know why.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Lady at the Gas Station

We were driving home from Arizona and one of my children needed to use the restroom. NOW. Well if you've ever driven through Imperial/eastern San Diego County you know that there are no restrooms. We came upon a gas station or store of some kind but the bathroom wasn't available for some reason so we kept driving. We finally landed in Jacumba where there is a gas station with porta potties in the parking lot. Yeah! We pull in and much to our surprise and happiness they had just been cleaned. We all hopped out and charged the potties.

As I was heading back to our van a lady approached me out of nowhere. She came up to me and said, "The president of New York told me to dress this way and I want to know what you think?" Okay, so I thought I was on Candid Camera or that this was a prank of some kind and a car of laughing people was just to the side, but I wasn't and there weren't. I looked her up and down and hanging below her shirt hem was a huge flab of fat. I looked her in the eye and told her, "I think it's disgusting." She started laughing hysterically and yelled over to the man who was with her but standing aways away, "Well at least she's honest!"

Ummm.....what is happening? Why do I attract these people? I tried to keep to myself and not engage anyone in conversation. I often get accused of talking to strange people wherever I go. I didn't even know she was there and she approached me.

I continue on to my van and climb in to the passenger seat where the kids are now asking, "Who's that lady mom?" "Why is she talking to you?" "What did she say?" I tell them what was said and then we looked over and her partner was now using the guard rail as a toilet. My husband comes out of the porta potty at this point and is furious at this man for urinating in front of our daughters when he could have just as easily used a toilet. The lady approaches my side of the van and is just staring at me. She's not saying anything she's just staring. Talk about weird!!!! Hellllloooooo?!! I couldn't wait to get out of there. Where did she come from? Why was she there in the middle of nowhere? Why was she so weird?!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sarah had her baby boy! Isaiah is here!!

Nathan & Sarah are the proud parents of a beautiful son Isaiah Stephen. Isaiah was a whopping 9.5lbs and 21 1/2" long. Sarah did a wonderful job and is recovering at Arrowhead Hospital. Isaiah has dark brown hair and is the cutest little thing. I was privileged to witness and help my daughter give birth to her first child. She is doing a wonderful job as a mommy. Nathan has done a fabulous job as well of taking care of both of them.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tastefully Simple Adoption Fundraiser

Just a reminder!! My friend, Lesley, is a Tastefully Simple Consultant. She is willing to host a fundraiser for us through this week until next Tuesday and will donate ALL proceeds, which will be 30% of ALL sales towards our adoption!!! When you shop don't order online. Simply send the order to her at and she will either call you or email you which ever you prefer. She is reducing the shipping to flat $5.00!!!! To go to the website simply click on the blog title above or go to

Thank you!!!

Ethnic Dolls

Sock Dolls

My friend Lori won a trip to Ethiopia with Visiting Orphans and My Crazy Adoption just by buying a t-shirt from My Crazy Adoption. Here is the description of the trip she won:

Visiting Orphans is partnering with James River Assembly church to send out this mission team. This trip is open to members of James River Assembly Church and individual sign ups through this website and Kari Gibson’s blogsite, My Crazy Adoption.

The team will be working in Addis Ababa with Project 61 for extreme needy children living in the Korah city dump, and a 2-day ministry for orphaned street children (feeding program). We will have a special outreach at an orphanage 1.5 hours outside the city, as well as an excursion to Negash Lodge to see the beauty of rural Ethiopia. We will also visit Fistula Hospital for an exclusive tour of the center and the courageous women featured in the movie “A Walk To Beautiful.”

Lori has decided to take her daughter with her and they are selling handmade items to raise funds for Ali's trip. I bought two of Lori's dolls when we were adopting Anna & Adah back in 2007, we didn't know at that time who would join our family, but we bought the dolls anyways. Really cute, affordable, and just the right size=perfect!!

Buy One in your choice of Four Nationalities: African, Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian. OR, purchase TWINS! By one for yourself - AND - we will send her identical twin to an orphan in a foreign country. Body/Hat color requests accommodated when possible.
$10 go to

A Doll's Heart

Dolls available from: Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, China, Haiti, Ukraine/Russia $30 each

Each doll all has it's own country's flag colors embordiered on their hearts. There are 6 countries currently available, but she can make any country of Africa that people would want also.

All the proceeds off her site go to helping orphans through various avenues so she really want to get the word out. Please feel free to spread the word and list this on your blogs and FB if you like. I am currently highlighting an orphanage/children's home on her blog that houses only special needs kids, that I visited this fall.

Heart 4 Hearts Dolls

Kudos to Target. They got this one right! There are six beautiful dolls to choose from: Dell (USA), Lilian (Belarus), Rahel (Ethiopia), Nahji (India), Tipi (Laos), and Consuelo (Mexico. When you buy a Hearts For Hearts Girls doll, a portion of the purchase price is donated to children's causes in those countries through World Vision, a global humanitarian organization. $24.99, shipping Dec 22. Free shipping right now if you spend over $50.00.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Books for Sale!!!

I'm cleaning off my bookshelves!!! I've homeschooled for twenty-two years now and I'm gettin' rid of books to raise funds for our adoption.

Below is a list of what's for sale. For payment you can click the donate button to the right or go to Paypal and use my email address to pay: or send me a check. Let me know what you want to buy and I'll set it aside for you and mail it out when you've paid. Shipping will be $3.00 for the first book and then $.50 for each book after that. Shoot me an email at if you have ANY questions.
$1.00 Books
American Heritage Volume 2-Colonial America
Black Diamond: The Story of the Negro Baseball Leagues-by McKissack (cover worn-inside clean)
Death Be Not Proud: A Memoir by John Gunther
Great Explorers: Exploration of North America-The Story of the discovery and exploration of the New World
Nations of the Plains by Bobbie Kalman
How To Draw Maps and Charts by Pam Beasant and Alastair Smith
My World & Globe: From the Seven Continents to the Seven Seas, from Katmandu to Kalamazoo-An Interactive First Book of Geography by Ira Wolfman
Great Explorers by Joyce Grosseck
The French Explorers in America by Walter Buehr (ex-library)
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by Ormonde de Kay, Jr. (Step-Up Books)
In Their Own Words: Lewis And Clark by George Sullivan
Franklin Dealano Roosevelt by Russell Freedman (Scholastic)
My Name Is Not Angelica by Scott O'Dell
Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges (Scholastic)
At Her Majesty's Request: An African Princess in Victorian England by Walter Dean Myers
The Amistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition by Karen Zeinert
Indian Chiefs by Russell Freedmand (Scholastic)
Indians-A New True Book by Children's Reading Institute
President Kennedy Selects Six Brave Presidents by Bill Davidson (Ex-Library)
The Legend of Jimmy Spoon by Kristiana Gregory (Scholastic)
Night by Elie Wiesel-Winner of the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize
The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell
Zia by Scott O'Dell
Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims by Clyde Robert Bulla-Scholastic Biography
Fireflies in the Dark: The Story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the Children of Terezin (Scholastic)
A Picture Book of Frederick Douglass by David A. Adler
Teammates by Peter Golenbock
Seeing God's Purpose in Everything: Stories to read and discuss at the family circle
Nat Turner by Judith Berry Griffin
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Author of the Little House Books (biography)
Rosa Parks: My Story by Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins (Cover very worn-inside nice)
Harriet Beecher Stowe and The Beecher Preachers by Jean Fritz-She opposed slavery with a passion and used her talent to destroy it. (Ex-library)
Harriet Tubman (In Their Own Words) by George Sullivan
Harriet Tubman (History Maker Bios) by Maryann N. Weidt
Science Stories Book 3, 1936 copyright (ex-library edition)
Faithful Friend: The Story of Florence Nightingale by Beatrice Siegel-Scholastic Biography (Cover worn-inside slighty worn)

$2.00 Books
1.The Story of the "Old Colony" of New Plymouth by Samuel Elot Morison
2. Hearts West: True Stories of Mail-Order Brides on the Frontier
3. Teaching the Diary of Anne Frank-Grades 5 and up
4. Kinderlager: An Oral History of Young Holocaust Survivors
5. Scholastic Encylopedia of the North American Indian by James Ciment
6. History Stories for Children by Dr. John W. Wayland
7. From Sea To Shining Sea For Children by Peter Marshall
8. The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales told by Virginia Hamilton (Scholastic)
9. Many Thousand Gone: African-Americans from Slavery to Freedom by Virginia Hamilton (Scholastic)
10. Now Is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom by Walter Dean Myers (Winner 1992 Coretta Scott King Award)
11. The Story of Geronimo by Jim Kjelgaard-A Signature Book
12. The Lewis and Clark Expedition-Landmark Book
13. Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories by William J. Bennett
14. If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island by Ellen Levine
15. The Pilgrims of Plimoth by Marcia Sewall
16. The Greatest Christian Stories Ever Written (Rod & Staff)
17. Noah Webster: A Man Who Loved Words (A Beka-grade 5 reader)
$8.00 Books
America's Providential History by Belilies & McDowell
D.L. Moody's Child Stories by Dwight L. Moody
$20.00 Books
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Volume Six

Lamplighter Publishing-Rare Collector's Series-Like New Condition-Never Read-Sat on shelf.
To find descriptions and retail prices of these books go to
True Stories Of Great Amreicans For Young Americans
$10.00 Books-
Basket of Flowers: A Tale for the Young by Christoph von Schmid
Boys of Grit Who Became Men of Honor by Archer Wallace
Boys of Grit Who Changeed the World by Archer Wallace
Christie's Old Organ by O.F. Walton
The Inheritance by Christoph Von Schmid
Jill's Red Bag by Amy Lefeuvre
Joel...A Boy of Galilee by Annie Fellows Johnston
Mary Jones and Her Bible by Mary E. Ropes
Melody: The Story of a Child by Laura E. Richards
Pillar Of Fire by J.H. Ingraham
The Robber's Cave: A Tale of Italy by A.L.O.E.
Rosa of Linden Castle by Von Schmid
Shipwrecked But Not Lost by Hon. Mrs. Dundas
Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross
Teddy's Button by Amy LeFeuvre
Titus: A Comrade of The Cross by Florence M. Kingsley
Tom Watkins Mistake
The White Knights by W.E. Cule
Amy & Her Brothers by Sarah S. Baker (small stain on back of book)
Buried In The Snow by Franz Hoffman
The Boy Who Never Lost A Chance by Annette Lyster
The Captive by Christoph Von Schmid
Fireside Readings Volume 1
Fireside Readings Volume 2
The Hedge of Thorns
Jessica's First Prayer by Hesba Stretton
Jessica's Mother Comes Home: A Sequel by Hesba Stretton
The Little Lamb by Christoph von Schmid
The Lost Ruby & The Lost child by Von Schmid
Nobody Loves Me by O.F. Walton (small spot on back cover)
Probable Sons by Amy Le Feuvre
Tomorrow by Maria Edgeworth
$6.00 Books-
1. The Three Weavers: A Tale for Fathers and Daughters
2. The Three Weavers: A Tale for Fathers and Daughters

Vision Forum
*Laird & Lee's Guide To Historic Virginia and The *Jamestown Centennial $2.00
*Little Faith by Mrs. O.F. Walton $5.00
*The New-England Primer $5.00
*Of Plymouth Plantation: Bradford's History of the Plymouth Settlement 1608-1650-by William Bradford (ink smeared on cover at printing) $7.00
*The Original Blue Back Speller $6.00
*Ten P's In A Pod: A Million-Mile Journal of the Arnold Pent Family by Arnold Pent III $5.00 (read once)
*To Have And To Hold: A Tale of Providence and Perseverance in Colonial Jamestown-400th Anniversary of Jamestown Commemorative Edition $6.00

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tastefully Simple

My friend, Lesley, is a Tastefully Simple Consultant. She is willing to host a fundraiser for us through this week until next Tuesday and will donate ALL proceeds, which will be 30% of ALL sales towards our adoption!!! When you shop don't order online. Simply send the order to her at and she will either call you or email you which ever you prefer. She is reducing the shipping to flat $5.00!!!! To go to the website simply click on the blog title above or go to

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waiting on Isaiah

We're waiting on Isaiah. He was due last Thursday. It seems he's quite satisfied where he's at. He's obviously in no hurry to get here. Thankfully Sarah is content to let him come when he's ready. No intervention to start labor. We've been hanging out playing Farkle and Dutch Blitz, watching movies, and surfing the internet. Enjoying our time together but we're ready for Isaiah to make his big arrival. Come on little dude! Grandma is waiting!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today is Isaiah's due date!

Today is Sarah's due date for her first little one. Things are happening in the labor dept. so I'm heading over them hoping that Isaiah wants to meet his grandma badly enough that he'll make an entrance. ASAP. :-)

Please pray for her that everything goes quickly and smoothly.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Where we are

So I did some figuring and for our application fee to AWAA and our First Program fee we have been covered by donations and coffe sales! God is covering us as we take each step. He's not covering the big picture, but He is asking us to take a step and then He will provide.

So our next step is that we need $2500 for our homestudy. We've all ready had $300 in donations but we need the other $2200. If twenty-two people each donate $100 we can get started on the interview process and get that finished.

Our next step would be to come up with $1500 for our post-adoption reports, but that isnt' due yet so we won't look at that. Right now we have to believe that there is $2200 out there that God is waiting to provide. Is He working through you to give?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hi all!

I put a plea for donations on facebook and I had three responses! Thank you so much! We had an offer for free notary services from an old high school friend, and if any of you have adopted then you know this is a huge gift!

Do you want be part of the 300??  Hit the Paypal button on the right and help us bring our kids home and out of the orphanage. Thanks!

Adoption Update

Hi All,

We spent last week at Sarah's and when we got home my Letter of Good Conduct (Police Clearance Letter) was here and notarized. Yeah! On a different note, due to finances we're not sure if we're continuing our adoption journey. Would you please pray with us that the finances wouldn't seem so overwhelming and a huge burden? We know God is able. We know God will provide. We need to see that NOW though. To have the faith to step forward when the future in unclear. If three hundred people/couples/families gave $100 towards our adoption we would have the funds needed. That doesn't sound so daunting. When you have thousands of dollars needed to send in a homestudy, documents, dossier, travel fees, and such well, it is just overwhelming. If you can't adopt but would love to help in some way please consider donating towards our adoption fees. Thank you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Adoption Video with 'One Less'

Visiting Sarah

Sarah at 38 weeks
My girls
Vikki, Sarah & Steve
Daddy loves his girl
The crew minus James
Our "current at home" family
                                      Mom, Sarah, Anna & Adah
Isaiahs' dresser
                                                   Love it!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

50 Necklaces!!!

With your help we were able to sell fifty necklaces from Sarah's Treasure Chest. If you didn't get in on this incredible fundraiser you can still purchase from her. I believe she donates some funds to orphanages on a regular basis. So your money still goes towards a wonderful cause as well as helping a mom stay home with her wonderful family.

Thank you all!!!

Visiting Sarah

Hi all,

This week we're in the sunny area of Phoenix, Arizona, visiting our oldest daughter Sarah. Her husband is based at Luke AFB which is actually where we are staying while we're here. He's able to get us on base and we rent a three bedroom house in the temporary living quarters area. Sarah is due in a few weeks and we wanted to see her before she has baby Isaiah. Please pray for a safe delivery for baby and mommy.

The kids spend their time playing Guitar Hero at Sarah's and swimming in the pool at her condo. In the morning before we head over we spend about twenty minutes reading in A Beka readers. I watched Joe's Bob Jones University DVD's to get a feel for the long-distance learning program. Joe is coming back to full-time home education and we're using the BJU DVD's to actually teach the lessons.

I talked to Jesse yesterday and he's doing well. Lots of math in school. He's having oral surgery sometime in the near future. Pray for him that his surgery and the healing goes well.

We head home tomorrow and back to the soccer grind on Saturday.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Adoption Update

Hi all!

Let's see what's happened through the last week for our adoption. On Monday we had our fundraiser with Sarah's Treasure Shop. Thank you, Sarah! We were able to sell 50 necklaces and we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!

I took James to the dr. to have his TB skin test read on Monday. On Thursday I took John for his physical, TB skin test, and his vaccines were all updated as well. Just to make things clear, Ethiopia does not require your children at home to be vaccinated, it is just a personal preference to vaccinate our children at this time. There was a time many years ago when we held back due to autistic issues, but they have resolved themselves to the point where we feel the benefit of the vaccination is more beneficial than not receiving them.

John went back to the dr. today to have his TB test read and we were able to get his physical signed off. Last one!!! We're done with all the medical stuff unless we decide to do Malaria meds to go further south into Awassa.

Thursday we sold a coffee that I had bought ahead of time and figured I would have on hand. I still have two whole bean Ethiopian Harrar bags of coffee if anyone local would like one or both. They're $15.70 for each bag.

On Friday I went to our local Sheriff's dept to order a police clearance letter. The sheriff's dept called it a Letter of Good Conduct. That was $49.00 which includes a notarized letter that goes into our dossier. We had to go to the Licensing Desk instead of Records. I found that out after waiting for awhile. The clerk wasn't at the desk when I came in and never bothered to check the sign-in sheet when she came back. After she waited on someone who walked up and got waited on I thought I had better check and see what was going on.

We passed out three envelopes with the directions for writing our Reference letters for our dossier. Each of our friends will write one and they will have to be notarized as well. We're just about ready to contact our agency and set up the homestudy interview appts. we need to comlete our homestudy. Then we can send in our I600A and get a fingerprint appt.

All the tedious little steps but they are all a piece of the puzzle.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trends in Ethiopian Adoption

Hi All,

I found Trends in Ethiopia Adoption on The Center for Adoption Medicine. It addresses Hepatitis A, Tuberculosis, Female Circumcision, Transracial/Transcultural issues, HIV and hair. Short little paragraphs and easy reading, but chocked full of information. Great resource for those in process, those just home, or friends of Ethiopian adoptive families.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Isaiah's blanket

This is for my grandson Isaiah who is due within the next month or so. I did five inch squares with 1/2 inch seams, eight squares across and thirteen down.

Giraffes, letters, numbers, frogs, Little Buddy...........

Little Buddy

The finished product

Thank you!!!

A BIG thank you to all who helped us with our fees yesterday by purchasing a necklace. We are ever so grateful!! I'll let you know later how we did.

Monday, October 25, 2010

One Day Fundraiser Today only!!!!

One day fundraiser TODAY!!!!

Don't forget today is our ONE day fundraiser through Sarah's Treasure Box!!! Mention that it is for the Grieshaber adoption and she will donate $5 for each necklace purchased towards our adoption fees. To copy and paste a post go below to the post with pictures and you can use that wording or come up with your own. If you could post it on your blog or facebook that would be wonderful too! Thank you!!

School pics

Addis-7th grade (13 years)
John-6th grade (11 years)
Abi Mulu-4th grade (9 years)
Anna Mihret-Preschool (4 years)
Adah Derartu-Preschool (4 years)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Adoption Update

Hi all,

So this last week found me at the computer and the doctor's office. I've been working on our homestudy and our dossier at the same time. Our homestudy will be included in the dossier, but there are some papers that coexist together.

I worked on mine and Steve's autobiography. We had to type up a 2-4 page autobiography on each of us. I found our dossiers from the last adoption and used the homestudy write-up on us as a template. I tweaked things to fit our current situation and then forwarded it to our social worker and he confirmed that it was what he needed so that is done.

I had also been in contact with our doctor at Kaiser. We needed a doctor's letter because some of the questions on our physical were answered, "Yes." Our doctor didn't want to take the time to write a letter since he hadn't been our doctor that long. We're in the Kaiser system so the informationis right there, but it was too much for him. I asked our family coordinator what I should do and she came up with a great suggestion. She suggested I write the letter, take it or send it to him and then he put it on Kaiser letterhead and sign it. On Tuesday I typed it up and on Wednesday when Adah had her doctor's appt. I took it to his nurse. They called that night and left a message. I called back on Thursday and it was ready! Yeah!! I then scanned it and sent it to our family coordinator for her to review.

Wednesday found us at the dr's for Adah, Thursday for James, and Friday again for Adah to have her TB test read. We go back again tomorrow for James to have his TB test read, and again this Thursday to have John's physical done. After Monday when his TB test is read we'll be done with the physicals for everyone. Yeah! The kids really love getting poked with a needle for a skin test. :-) Not.

We also got word that our fundraiser is up for Adoption Bug. If you go to you will have the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt with some of the proceeds going towards our adoption fees.

I passed out fundraiser flyers today at church for tomorrow's ETSY fundraiser at Some of the people didn't know we were adopting again and were quite surprised when I told them. I received some coffee from that my hair dresser and a fellow homeschooling mom purchased. I ordered three extra Ethiopian Harrar if anyone is interested. They are $13.95 plus $2.25 shipping for a whopping total of $16.20 a bag. They're whole bean waiting to be ground and savored by a coffee lover. Is it you?!

One of the questions I received today while passing out our flyers: "Why don't you adopt from here and do it for free like my son did?"

Answer: In 2005 we applied to our local foster system to care for one baby/toddler. I did the fingerprinting, changed bedrooms and basically my whole house it seemed to jump through the hoops that the system wanted me to jump through. There was one thing we weren't willing to do and that was the one reason we weren't allowed to foster care. We have a run-off creek on our property. Folks, we live in Southern California in a little town east of San Diego. Now seriously, how often does it rain here in San Diego to where we would actually have run-off in this creek? Well, they wanted us to place a 6ft fence the entire length of our 4 acre property. We weren't willing to. They looked at us as a water hazard and said no. Seriously?!! There is more danger in our three toilets and two bathtubs then there is that creek that is dry 98% of the time.

Now I did find out I had thyroid cancer through that whole process which was a good thing in the end. I went to the doctor because I had to have a paper signed by the doctor. He found a lump and the rest is history.

The odd thing about the foster situation was that after they turned us down to take care of one little one on a full time basis, they wanted me to do respite care for drug babies. Ummm no. I educate my kids at home and need a normal schedule that isn't thrown off by random people coming and going and dropping off their foster babies who would need extra-special attention because they're drug babies. To me that was crazy. Either my house was safe or it wasn't. The last eight kids had done okay at our house wouldn't you say? Thank goodness the system isn't in charge of all adoptions. I know there would be more families without children if it were.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Etsy Necklace Fundraiser! Stocking Stuffers, Teacher gifts, Party favors?

Grieshaber Family Adoption Fundraiser

Sarah’s Treasure Box is hosting a ONE DAY adoption fundraiser for the Grieshaber family. On October 25 simply go to For every pendant you buy Sarah will donate $5.00 to the Grieshaber family as they joyfully adopt two more children from Ethiopia. When you check-out, please mention that it is for the Grieshaber adoption fundraiser and she will do the rest. The fundraiser does not apply to special orders. Thank you for supporting us!

Sarah has cute pendants supporting autism, adoption, faith, shopping, teachers, nurses, and more! Do you need teacher appreciation gifts, party favors or stocking stuffers?! Great low cost gifts for Christmas and you’re investing in the life of children!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Do Orphans Need Saving?

Go to this blog and find out:

Excellent and articulate. Love it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah's Treasure Box Adoption Fundraiser

On October 25, Sarah's Treasure Box is holding a ONE DAY Adoption Fundraiser for us!!!! You can find her Etsy shop here:

For every necklace purchased other than a custom order on October 25 and you mention that it is for our adoption-Grieshaber family, Sarah will donate $5.00 towards our adoption fees.

The necklaces are really cute, inexpensive, and would make GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!
They cover anything from autism to breast cancer, to teachers to adoption, beautifully designed patterns to just plain cute. You won't be disappointed! Check out her website and start browsing but don't buy until Oct. 25 and mention the Grieshaber family when you check out. Thanks!!!

Class Day and Adoption Prayer

Today at Class Day (our homeschool co-op) I was able to present our fundraisers to the parents and kids up to grade five. Our Class Day administrator showed great support and encouragement for our two new adoptions. She had one of the dads pray for our family, the adoption, and the children coming into our family. I was so blessed to have Christian brothers and sisters praying for us. What a wonderful forum to share our story too.

They allowed me to set-up a table with my info, as well as our fundraiser coming up on October 25 from Sarah's Treasure Box on Etsy. For every necklace sold Sarah will donate $5.00 towards our adoption fees. I'll explain in another post.

I was also allowed to place flyers for our different fundraisers in each of the parent files. I so appreciate the support we received today. Someone even stashed $40 in one of the coin boxes. Thank you! Even though I don't know who you are, our Lord does. May you receive many blessings back.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekly Adoption Update

This week we are working on our homestudy. Part of the homestudy process involves getting physicals to make sure we're healthy enough to take care of more children. Steve and I went to the doctor yesterday and met a mobile notary there. We got a physical, they actually call it an "adoption physical" and the doctor's signature had to be notarized. She (the mobile notary) waited out in the lobby during our visit and then met with the doctor with his identification.

Tomorrow two of the kids receive their physicals and probably shots if they are behind. We take in a form for each child for the doctor to fill out. Three of the kids don't need new physicals because it has been within a certain alloted time and I just had to drop off the forms and I'll pick them up tomorrow.

We signed up for another fundraiser., but I don't think it's ready yet. We will sell six different designed t-shirts advocating either faith or adoption. We'll hear sometime this week that it is up and running.

We did receive our first order of Ethiopian coffee from Steve says it's pretty yummy! I don't drink coffee so I go by his opinion. He buys it whole bean and then grinds it just before he makes it. I checked out the price of coffee at Starbucks and was pleasantly surprised that this coffee is about the same price and for a better cause! Who can beat that?

My sister-in-law gave me oodles and oodles of clothes. She said I could keep some and sell the rest for our adoption fees. Oh.My.Lanta. I have never seen so many clothes in all my life. There is no way my closet could even hold them if I wanted it to, so I must pick and choose wisely. She's much trendier than I am so the kids can tell when I have on one of her tops. I'm always in the mom mode and mom mode doesn't get too stylish, if you know what I'm sayin'.

I'm toying with the idea of selling them on ebay or at a garage sale. Ebay is ALOT of work but the profit could be much higher. I've been researching and I'm just not sure. Any input?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Night's Awana

This year I'm the Awana secretary. I like to get to church/club early and get a grasp on things before other people get there. Two of the kids have soccer practice so after I drop them off I head to church to set up and open the doors and turn on lights.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting with one of my Cubbies from over twenty years ago when she brought me a pizza oven to sell towards our adoption fees. Our church has a photo album that I started way back then, it must have been 1986, because Jared was in there and he would have been three in 1986. She was in the photo album as well as our current Sparky Director. The kids are cute as can be, but now they're grown with families of their own. I can't even fathom that over twenty years has passed. Unbelievable! Where does the time go?

On a different note: James and Joel received Clubbers of the Month. Joel received it for the Truth and Training Club (the old Pals/Pioneers) and James received it for Trek (jr. high). Both of these boys spend hours going over their verses and studying their Bible. A certain someone who didn't receive it is up and studying his verse/Bible this a.m. in hopes to earn it next month.

That certain someone could have stayed in T & T or gone up to Trek. I chose to push him up to Trek so that instead of being a leader he was a follower. Different thinking but in this case it is needed. He has his older brother and kids that put time and effort into their study of God's Word. In T & T he was the top dog and wasn't pushed at all. Now he has higher goals and he's not the leader of the pack in the younger club, thus freeing the younger kids to rise to a higher goal than he was giving. It's a win-win in this situation.

It's a little harder for Addis & Mulu because of the language barrier and the length of the verses. They're getting it though!

Here's to Awana!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sarah's further along

Sarah went to the doctor yesterday and found out Isaiah is 4 1/2 lbs instead of 3 1/2 lbs. The dr. thinks she is two weeks further along and gave her a new due date of November 18. Big babies run in our family so he could just be a big baby. My brother was 11.7 lbs. I've had 10,9.9,9,and two 10.10 babies. My 9 and 10.10 lb babies were not c-sections. I've been given the go-ahead to be in the delivery room. Time to study up on the birth process!