Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beach fun!

Yesterday we went to the beach and had a wonderful day! The boys swam and played in the sand while I read The Family Nobody Wanted and visited with a friend. Here's some pics to enjoy:


After a long day at the beach we were worn out. A video had arrived that I had ordered from It was rated G so we all went up to mom & dad's room and watched. I loved it!

It was filmed in Ethiopia about an Ethiopian. Haile Gebrselassie won a Gold Medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games. This is his true-life story of how hard he worked and what he overcame to become the fastest Olympic long distance runner in the world. He would run six miles to school and six miles back, go three aways each way to fetch water, and work in the fields for his father.

Some of the characters are played by his real-life family. It gave us a glimpse into what Ethiopia looks like. At one point he moves to Addis Ababa and it showed some city scenes. Steve & I are going to Addis Ababa so we were more than a little interested to catch a peek. We gained insight into the family dynamics, how they live, and how hard they work just to survive. You'll hear them speak in their language as well as their music.

I recommend Endurance. It's from the Walt Disney Co. and the ISBN is 0-7888-1456-7. The running time is 83 minutes.

To learn more about Haile Gebrselassie go to

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This is a really neat live webcam from a watering hole in Africa. If you visit at different times of the day you can see all sorts of Africa wildlife visiting the watering hole and you can hear all of the noises they make. It is very fascinating!

(thanks Sharra,

Heritage Christian School & Homeschooling grades

Back in 1993 we joined Heritage Christian School. I had two kids in school and one wasn't reading very well. My oldest son was in fifth grade and his younger brother should have been about third grade. My younger son wasn't reading very well and I needed help. Turns out he had a lot of learning disabilities and needed six months of vision therapy.

We go to Class Days twice a month. I have helped in various areas such as playground duty, nursery, clean-up team, Kindergarten teacher, Art 1-3 lead teacher and Science 1-3 lead teacher. They keep our records and act as an umbrella between us and the government. They also offer SAT prep classes and high school courses for my older kids. Jesse took Honors Chemistry this year and received a B+. We have promotion and graduation ceremonies, field trips, clubs, and just all kinds of fun stuff.

Anyways, the not so fun stuff is to keep track and turn in our grades four times a year. This week our fourth quarter grades are due. Ugh! I have six children that homeschool so I need to go through each of their subjects, figure out what they've done, and what grade they've earned. It's the part of homeschooling I hate the most. Okay, phonics is second, but figuring out grades is defintely tops in my book. At least I can now do all of this online, so no more filling out endless amounts of paper. I finished Joel & John last night since they're the easiest.

Joel's subjects were:
Penmanship (Manuscript)
Science (Class Day)
Art (Class Day)

John's subjects were:
Penmanship (Manuscript)
Science (Class Day)
Music (He started piano lessons again)
Art (Class Day)
PE (Class Day & home)

Fishing Pictures

These are pics from our fishing adventure on Saturday.

Joel and his first fish of the day! James
John eating his fish
Okay, so he decided against it
This is what it's all about

Our girls lab work looks normal!

Our girls lab work looks normal according to our international doctor. She said to call them when we know our travel dates, and to come in within two weeks of getting home to check for infections and begin vaccinations. I'm not sold on the vaccinations part of it though.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The things people say

After church on Sunday one of the elderly ladies came to talk to me about adoption. She wanted to know why we were doing this, why didn't we adopt from the States, were we getting paid? She also told me about her grandson who has adopted in another state, and his "real" son doesn't look anything like him, but his adopted son is the spitting image of him. She explained that agencies only allow you to adopt those who look like you. I swallowed hard and said, "Well.........ours aren't going to look anything like us." She said, "Oh?" I explained, "No, in fact they're going to be of another color all together, they're from Ethiopia in Africa!" She looked like a deer in the headlights. It's that same look that people get when they ask me how far along I am, and I tell them I'm not pregnant. :-)

So to answer the questions she posed:
Why are we doing this? God has allowed us to. He has opened our hearts. We want more children, these children need parents. We wanted to invest in eternal things instead of material things. We were thinking about buying a motorhome and cruising the USA. We decided instead to invest it in children. We know the blessings that come from family and want to grow ours.

Why didn't we adopt from the states? The foster system didn't want us two years ago because of our dry seasonal creek. They wanted us to put up a six foot fence the length of our four acre property. We point blank told them that was the only thing we wouldn't do. We would go through any other hoop, but that one. Also we're older, in our late 40's, most babies would be placed with much younger parents. We also didn't want to deal with a birth mom. We've been there, done that.

Are we getting paid? Are you kidding me? I don't understand why people in the U.S. get paid to adopt. I don't get paid for my bio kids. Why should I get paid to take in adopted children? We have to pay fees for these children, and the fees aren't cheap! We have to pay for a homestudy, birth certificates, marriage certificates, immigration document fees, fingerprinting, notaries, document translations, agency fees, international fees, visa fees, passport fees, medical exams, visas, police clearance letters, and our airline travel and hotel in Addis.

Just for the record: Our adopted daughters will be our "real" daughters. No, they're not blood related, but they're ours. I'll love them, change their diapers, clean their bottoms, comfort them, love them, soothe them, wash their laundry, make sure they're dressed modestly, feed them, educate them, protect them, be up rocking them in the middle of the night, love them, and play with them. The only thing that will be different between in how I mother these two girls will be that I wasn't able to nurse them. I've had two radioactive treatment in the last two years for thyroid cancer, and the treatment did go to the breast tissue. I don't wish to activate that without a pregnancy.

In all other ways, these girls will be my "real" daughters. When you see an adoptive family. Watch your questions and your statements. Don't sound ignorant. We know you're smarter than that.

Derartu's medicals arrived!

She looks healthy and tiny! She seems to be about thirteen pounds and maybe 26 inches or so. My first baby at term was 10lbs and 24 1/2 inches. She's eight months old and I'm very okay with a little one! They stay in their clothes longer. My first one and two others who were 10.10lbs didn't even fit in the newborn clothes.

We have an email in to our doctor to see what her take is, but we're hopeful that everything looks okay!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Meheret's medicals are back!

She's HIV negative!!! She does have high red blood cells white blood cells. Could be from vitamin deficiency, living at a high altitude. Will forward the info to Dr. Dern our international doctor.

We should get Derartu's tomorrow!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ethiopia Reads This website is so informational! They also offer children's books in English/Amharic. For those traveling to Ethiopia you can donate a book by taking one with you when you travel. You can find that info here:

From their website:

Ethiopia Reads believes that education is the key to improving the lives of the next generation of Ethiopians, a country filled with children, and that books are the key to fostering a genuine love of learning. Yet books are a scant resource in Ethiopia, which has been named one of the three poorest countries in the world, with a life expectancy of 41 years. While new schools are being built at a rapid rate, teaching is by rote in overcrowded classrooms. In the poor neighborhood where Ethiopia Reads established the first children’s library in the country, for example, there are 180 children per class who attend half-day sessions. Yet enthusiasm and demand for learning is very high: When Ethiopians are asked what they need most, they often say “education.” Ethiopia Reads is the only organization in Ethiopia whose only focus is on putting books into the hands of children and encouraging literacy.

Mesgana Dancers

This is the description on the Ethiopia Reads website:

About The Mesgana Dancers of Ethiopia

The Mesgana Dancers of Ethiopia are 10 girls, age 7-12, who perform traditional dances and song from across Ethiopia, while wearing traditional costume. The Mesgana Dancers show is a heart-warming celebration of Ethiopian culture with music and moves to get the whole family dancing and clapping. Last year's tour was a huge hit, making The Mesgana Dancers celebrities both in the United States and Ethiopia. They performed to sold-out crowds across the country, entertaining audiences that included thousands of Ethiopian-Americans.
The Mesgana Dancers are ambassadors of hope for all children in Ethiopia. As the world’s attention turns ever more towards finding solutions to the problems in Africa, The Mesgana Dancers bring a message of hope and celebration, as well as a positive and life-affirming glimpse of Ethiopian culture. All of the Mesgana Dancers are sponsored through COEEF’s school tuition program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

For more info go here:

I Love My IPod~I Love My IPod~I Love My IPod!

Did I tell you that I love my Ipod? I have 91 songs on it and absolutely love it. I've downloaded some Icasts from Grace To You and Focus on the Family. love it. The sound is superb!! I have downloaded songs from ITunes, but when I upload from my own CD's it doesn't always work on all of the tracks, thus I was disappointed that my Vision Forum CD's weren't really going to work. Who wants to listen to an hour long message and the one track that didn't upload was probably the most important message of the whole CD. I love the songs from the American Idols; Jordin, Blake (yes, I'm a Blake girl) and Chris. Can't wait for more songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cubbie Director

We went to the Awana meeting at church today and I volunteered to be Cubbie Director. Sarah said she would help me and I think I'm recruiting Joe. We used to have a strong AWANA program for years and years and somehow it just died. I think when the men of the church stopped helping and it was led by the women it just died a slow death. Now everyone is excited and we'll start a club again in September. So far we have all the directors, except maybe the 3-6 boys, game directors, commander, and secretaries. WOW!! As Steve and I were talking over lunch at P.F. Chang's this afternoon, a year ago these same people wouldn't have been able to commit for one reason or another. Now God has worked it on in His timeline and we're going to have an exciting club!

SS Party

Today was the kick-off for our Sunday School summer program and the end of our regular school year curriculum. We celebrated with a little party. I found myself driving to Smart & Final about 8am today to pick up mini-muffins, orange juice, strawberries, bananas and two types of donuts. The kids had a great time and for the first time in a long time I think everyone was there plus two extra!

My husband and Barbara, a wonderful lady at church, are teaching the elementary aged kids this summer and will focus on The Ten Commandments. Steve did a great job today and the kids seemed excited about what they were learning!

Shooting, Fishing, Friends & Pizza

Yesterday we went to the Ducks Unlimited Greenwing Annual picnic. We went last year for the first time and had such a great time; we went again this year. The two youngest boys were taught how to cast their fishing poles, shoot pellet guns, listened to stories and songs about ducks, and visited a mama duck and her babies.

The other two boys, James and Joe, were in a different group. They practiced skeet shooting and target shooting with a .22. James only did the .22 shooting as the other guns were too loud for him. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder and hears things much louder than I do. He was pale white and clammy when I went to check on him so I took him away from the group, let him listen to my iPod with me, got him some cold water and he recovered quickly.

They fed us a bbq lunch of hamburgers & hot dogs and then went onto the raffle and prizes. Steve participated in a silent auction and won a duck picture that is now hanging above our fireplace. The boys each received prizes, as all the kids did. For the second year in a row John was the last number picked. I told him he was learning patience and hope. Patience at not having his number called and hope that it would soon be called. For his diligence he picked a pocketknife, a baseball glove, and a slingshot. Joel picked some Nerf type balls, a slingshot and a bicycle helmet. Joe came away with a gun, and I'm not sure about James. He was quite happy with what he got, but I don't remember what it was.

After the prize give-aways were over we headed to the fishing pond with three other families. We had a great time and for the second year in a row I baited hooks with LIVE mealworms and took a few fish off the hook for my boys. After we had our fill of fishing and filling the fishing bucket for Kevin we decided we were all absolutely starving and headed over to Marechiaro's Italian Restaurant for dinner. We picked up another family and Jared, Miranda and Jake on the way by cell phone communication. By the time everyone showed up we had about twenty-four to twenty-five people. It was so much fun! We had about six pizzas and dinner salads for the adults.

I then came home and had a hot cup of tea with a Weight Watcher chocolate caramel bar. I'll have to post pics another time as my camera is not working because the battery went dead.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Jesse, (17) our third son, oldest at home is on a DLT trip with our youth pastor and some older teen guys from church. What is DLT you ask? Down Low Trip. Last year they went camping and fishing with no facilities. They weren't allowed to shave, bathe, brush teeth, wear deoderant or any of the things that make it so we can stand each other. Jesse cheated though and brushed his teeth and wore deoderant until he was caught! Then he had to go without and be a manly man.

Yesterday he left for this year's DLT and I think they went to Palm Springs to a timeshare. The girls aren't supposed to know where the guys are going and since Sarah qualifies as a girl, I didn't get to know either (because I would tell her) except through what Steve told me. So we're envisioning them sleeping through the morning hours, swimming and eating in the afternoon, and playing Risk until the wee hours of the morning. What a life......................

Now Sarah is going on a GGG. What is GGG you ask? Well Sarah isn't even sure what it stands for. Is it Godly Girls Get-Away? Girls Godly Get-Away? They're taking the rough road this year. They're going camping for a night with a pregnant leader! This oughta be fun!!!

I'll report back next week how their trips went. By the house is very peaceful right now. Ssshhhh...........

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gifts for the Girls

We went to Target and bought items for the girls. For each of our daughters I bought a blanket, crib sheet, two pairs of booties, two dresses, a Pooh rattle, a pink pig and some chapstick. Shoved all of it in two separate gallon sized ziplock bags with a little photo book of our family.

Items for Adah Derartu

Items for Anna Mihret

Derartu has been moved to the Addis Foster Home

WooHoo!! Our second daughter was moved today to the Addis Foster Home.

I think I'm going shopping to get some items for the girls. Normally another family who is traveling to pick up their children willingly takes a gallon sized ziplock bag full of goodies. I have photo albums ready and even though they're only eight months and fourteen months, give or take a few months, they can get used to looking at us as we are doing with them. We have their pictures on our fridge so we can gaze at them daily.

It's finally happening!!! Please pray that we have a successful court date before July 23. We would really like to travel in August while school is out. I home educate my children and this would just be the best time for me, but I know the Lord is in charge.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with two new lives.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mihret was moved to the Addis Foster Home!!!

Her next step is to have her medical exam and then a court date! This is a big step for her. Please pray for her as she readjusts to new faces and probably a new system. We've heard the nannies are excellent and love up on the little ones quite a bit. :)

We're waiting on word when Derartu will be moved. She is in a orphanage in the same city as the foster home so hopefully it won't be too far away. Please pray that somehow we get a successful court date before July 23. Otherwise it won't be until September when the courts reopen. We want our girls home with us!

Open Arms (Ethiopian Adoption article)

This is a family that has adopted through our agency Christian World Adoption.

My Father's World & Home schooling

I ordered the 2nd-8th grade curriculum for next year. We're going to use My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures. You can find it here: I need to add a little for Joe our 7th grader. I'm excited to teach the boys all together.

Usually I don't teach anything but math and language arts until they're reading really well. All of them are bored with the A Beka readers and I need an alternative. This year they'll focus on missionaries, the world and exploring diverse countries while learning geography. I think we'll use A Beka & Saxon math and continue with A Beka or Easy Grammar for Language.

I do need to figure out what my senior and junior will be doing. I know they're taking American Govt. and Economics at Class Day. Jesse should probably take Physics too.

Adoption Poem

This was in one of our Ethiopia adoption forums:

Kisses in the Wind

I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.
You are here each day with me, at least that's how it seems.
I know you wonder where we are ... what is taking us so long.
But remember that we love you and God will keep you strong.
Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin...
Because tonight as always, we blow you kisses in the wind.
May God hold you in His hand till we can be with you.
We promise you, my darling, we're doing all that we can do.
Soon we'll be a family for real, not just pretend.
But tonight, as always, we blow you kisses in the wind.

-author unknown

Ethiopian triplets adopted in Kansas

To see the article go here:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our son gradutates

Steve, Jesse and I flew up to Sacramento early Friday morning. Miranda met us at the airport. Unfortunately she had a flat tire that morning and had to handle it on her own since Jared was at the ------. We got to the ----- with just enough time to see our cadet in formation with the other 131 cadets.

We, of course, waved frantically at Jared yelling, "Hi son!!!!", "Hi son!!!" He cracked a very faint smile to let us know he saw us, and we tried to behave and not get him into trouble. The cadets then marched off to get cooled off in the rec room since it was about 90* outside and they had these wool jackets on. HOT!

We found our seats in the auditorium and waited for the ceremony to begin. We were so excited and proud of him. He made it. He ranked tenth in a class of 131. 49 cadets dropped out, 4 women out of 18 made it. This program is tough and as was stated they are "the elite of the elite."

After the ceremonies he went back to his room to change and we walked around the campus a little. We found the Museum and couldn't resist taking his picture with a picture. He did get a season on DVD at his party from his friend Jim. (along with some of those great cop glasses) We also went over to watch the motorcycle and car show. My little boys would have went crazy. The guys and (girl) driving were spectacular. Amazing is the only word to describe them!

She drove us back to the airport so he could finish packing. They were driving back since his car was there. We waited at the airport for hours and wished we were home. We saw our good friend Mark on the plane when we walked on. I was so happy to see him. p>

Saturday we threw a party for him. Lots of friends came. Faces we hadn't seen in a long time. I was so happy that if I were a balloon I would have burst!

Now they're off to the Bahamas for a short cruise and he reports to duty next Monday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Beach,, Costco and Crazy Thoughts

My title about sums up my day today. I headed out bright and early to La Jolla Shores for our twice a month mom's group. Only one other mom showed up, and that was right when we were getting ready to leave. I would have stayed, but I had promised my whiny teenaged daughter that we could go. She was cold and wanted to go shopping with her friend. Note to self: Leave whiny teenage girl at home when it's cold; you'll have more fun.

The sun wasn't shining and there was a chill in the air. The sky was gray with clouds and the sand was wet. The boys were having fun though. They built a sandcastle with their hands and swam in the COLD water. We headed home and wouldn't you know, just as we hit Hwy 52 the sun was shining. We're talking five minutes away. There was a sixteen degree temperature change from the beach to my house. It was 91 at my house today, summertime hot.

Before we went to the beach I went shopping online. I started browsing Large Family Logistics (you can find the link to the right) and found a book that looked interesting, and since I am a book queen, I had to have it. The book is The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss. You can find it at Amazon here:

I also bought Loved By Choice: True Stories That Celebrate Adoption and Acres of Hope: The Miraculous Story of One Family's Gift of Love to Children...

At the beach I started reading Pigs In a Taxi and Other African Adventures by Suzanne Crocker. A hilarious book about her missionary times in Africa. I'm just in to the first few pages and I love this book. If you like missions you need to get it! (If you look it up on Amazon the description of the book they have has nothing to do with the book. Oops!)

Now onto Costco. Our oldest son graduates Friday from the California Highway Patrol Academy. He's been in the program for the last six months and ranks tenth out of 160. They started with well over two hundred and many were fired or dropped out. He's done a great job and we're very proud of him. Anyways, we're throwing him a party on Saturday. We ordered six huge deli sandwiches which should feed about 150 people. I ordered a cake from Costco and bought salads, fruit, cookies, etc.... to go with it. We still need to get the table ware, but we're almost there! We're gone Friday to the graduation so my hubby didn't want me to have to cook. What a guy!

I also bought shoes from Target. I need to dress-up for the graduation ceremon in Sacramento, and my dress-up shoes are not comfy at all. We leave bright and early Friday a.m. to fly up and don't return until late p.m. I found a pair of black ballet flat type shoes as a back-up. I'm all about comfort, almost too old to worry too much about style anymore.

Crazy Thoughts: I feel a pull towards Liberia and adoption. I have an inkling this is the Lord's doing and He's preparing us. It just came out of no where. We don't even have our two from Ethiopia home and I'm thinking about more?! I talked to Steve and he said we'll talk, but maybe we need to get the girls home and settled first and go from there. Sounds good. Crazy thoughts keep runnin' through my brain though! I printed off paperwork from Acres of Hope Liberia. We'll see where the Lord leads...............................

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kids & Bowling

We finished our bowling league yesterday afternoon. It was fun for the kids, but we're ready to be done. They had a great time learning to bowl. They learned to focus and aim for that pin way down at the end of the lane. They had to pay attention and wait patiently. They met new kids their ages. They played on teams of three so James and Joe were on a team with another older boy and John and Joel were on a team with a boy their age. Both kids that joined their teams were just the sweetest guys.

Each week the boys received tokens and a wristband for the arcade next store. We've saved them and some boring day this summer we'll go spend them. They also had pizza and drinks yesterday as part of the deal!

I suggested that the bowling alley have leagues earlier in the day during the summer. We would join again, but hate going at 4:00 in the afternoon. By the time we get home to eat it's 6:00. We like to be done with outside activities by late afternoon except for soccer season from August-November. Apparently they keep schedule with the schools, can you picture me rolling my eyes now, and parent's work schedules. Never mind the countless kids that have a WHOLE summer with nothing to do all day and parents who don't work or work late shifts. I guess they can't find thirty kids or so out of the probably 200,000 people that live in the nearby communities. Whatever! I've got four just in my family!

Monday, June 11, 2007


We've decided on names for our girls! Adah and Anna fit right in with our other Bible names! We're using their Ethiopian birth names for their middle names.

Adah Darartu
Anna Mihret

Adah (adornment)
Darartu (blooming flower)

Anna (grace/favor)
Mihret (mercy/pardon)

Did you know Adah is the second woman mentioned in the Bible? I didn't!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Children's Ministry Workers Appreciation Lunch

Today we had a Children's Ministry Workers Appreciation Lunch at our house. My husband is the Children's Ministry Director at our church. So guess who gets to plan and carry out all of these wonderful activities?

We have four acres so we had it outside under the oak trees. It was so beautiful! The company was delightful and the food was yummy! We had chicken tostadas with all the fixin's. We bbqed the packaged and seasoned pollo asada, then cut it up into smaller pieces. Since I'm on Weight Watchers I decided not to use the tortilla shell and just made a chicken type salad. I was able to buy shredded lettuce, diced onion, and cleaned cilantro in bags! It made the work so much easier. I topped it off with my homemade guacamole. You can't beat it! We also had fresh strawberries, carrots, tortilla chips and Spanish rice.

Guacamole Recipe:
3 avocados
juice from a lemon
1 tsp salt
few drops of hot sauce
diced onion

That's it! No mayo!!!! YUCK!!!!

Your tongue will love you.

We had vanilla ice cream with the toppings and Chips Ahoy cookies for dessert.

Hope you're having a great Sunday!

Adopting Two and Not Three

We found out Friday that we will not be able to adopt the 3yo brother of M. He is a step-brother and lives with his father who wants to keep him. So we will focus on getting our two girls home. The next step is that they would move to the foster home in Addis Ababa which is the capitol city of Ethiopia. After they are there they will receive their second medical exams. If their tests turn out negative they will then receive a court date.

Unfortunately the courts in Ethiopia close on July 23 for four-six weeks. There is only one judge in all of Ethiopia hearing adoption cases so it is likely that we would not travel to get them until the fall. After the court date they are legally ours and we travel about three weeks or so later to pick them up! We're excited! James has already figured he gets one and I get one, no extras to share with anyone!

Friday, June 8, 2007

New Bathing Suit

I've decided it's time for a new swimsuit this year. I was also convicted that since I make my teenage daughter wear long board shorts over her suit that I should "cover up" as well. For the last twenty years or so I've always worn a suit with an attached skirt, but you know how short those are. They're longer than a regular suit, but still short. As I was looking for board shorts I came across this site: What I found excited me enough to make a purchase!
It's a long, knee length swim skirt! Now I won't feel so "naked" if I see someone I know at the beach this summer.

What you may not know about me is that I don't wear shorts anymore. A few years ago my husband asked me to not wear pants or shorts. I do have two pair of exercise type lounge pants that I wear when I just don't feel like ironing or I know I'm not going anywhere and want to get dressed quickly. I had one of these pants on the other day when my daughter-in-law stopped by, and she was freaking out because she had never seen me in pants.

I have found that for the most part I like to wear dresses and skirts. Since I've gotten used to being more covered up I thought extending the cover-up over to my swimwear only made sense. I also don't show any cleavage. Years ago my boys were quite concerned when they could see, and realized that other people could see my cleavage. Since then I've bought scoopneck type swimsuits, no more v-necks. When I was nursing it really made it a challenge, but I would just put a blanket/towel over myself when we needed to nurse at the beach.

Change is a process, and sometimes it takes years, and sometimes I just "get it." This year I'm "getting it."

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Board Games

Do you play board games with your children? I do. My six year old son LOVES board games. His favorite right now is Scrabble, Jr. He also loves Connect Four, Trouble, and Guess Who? I just bought some Quizmo games. They're educational bingo games. The ones that came are the Sight Word Sets 1 & 2. I found they have a web site so I went to it and ordered the phonics game and some math games. I figure it will be a way that we can "do school" in the summer while having fun at it. I also bought him Boggle, Jr. to help him with his letter recognition.

My seventeen year old son loves Risk. I don't know how to play Risk, but I've heard once you play you're addicted; especially if you're competitive. I'm not, but my husband is. Last night our youth pastor and our pastor's son (late 20's-early 30's) were over until 11pm playing Risk with Jesse. They have Risk parties.

When we go camping or on a Friday night Steve and I will play Dominoes. On July 4th last year we played dominoes for about five hours. Sarah played with us and we had a blast.

What games does your family enjoy?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


These days I'm waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I seem to have a million things going, but can't quite seem to stay too focused. Why? I'm paper pregnant. I'm in that time period when circumstances are out of my control. My friend Helen said pregnancy is the most vulnerable time in a women's life. You're at the complete mercy of God. You're not even guaranteed a live child at the end.

We have accepted the referral of the two girls. Our agency needs to check with the grandmother of one of the girls to see if she would allow the three year old brother to come with her. In my mind I assumed we were adopting three. We paid the fees for three. Is this God's plan though? My trivial prayers don't seem to be enough. There is nothing on my end that I can do to bring home (N) who could be our son. So I wait. I wait on the Lord. I do things within my control.

I paint rooms, I sew skirts, I clean bathrooms, do loads and loads of laundry of each day, and all those mindless things that one must do each day to keep a family of eight running. Actually I should say ten. We do have two older boys. My second son was quite miffed the other night when I was attending my eleven year old son's violin concert, and he was not able to get ahold of me by cell phone. I was instructed that I should always have it in my hand or lap on vibrate. Oh really?! I always say I don't have seven sons, I have eight husbands. Can't we add (N) and make it nine?

Friday, June 1, 2007