Friday, August 16, 2013

Baby shower time!

We hosted a co-ed baby shower for my sons and their wives in June while Jesse and Sage were home visiting.

                                                     The Mamas-Arianne & Sage

                                                 Drawn  and posted by Adah
                                                      My project for the shower

                    Almost our whole family. Nathan and Elizabeth are missing.

                                      Grandpa, Grandma Val and Aunt Debbie
Cake from Costco-Don't let them tell you they can't do a double shower cake.

                                    Jesse & Sage with Grandma and Grandpa

                                                            Little Lizzie
                                                           Isaiah Boy

                     We had Big Sticks for dessert since it was so hot outside.



                  Thank you to Frankie Najor for taking all of these wonderful pictures!

July 2013

We've been so busy these past few months. I've either been too busy, the internet is out, or I haven't felt like blogging. We're going to the beach later today since Joel starts school next week. I'm not feeling the best so I'm wasting spending time at my computer.

After Joe graduated in June, John and Joel went to Mexico for their annual Junior High Mission weekend. They help out a missionary couple and play with the kids there. We had VBS the last week in June, and I was the craft lady. I don't think I should have done it because I was quite grouchy all week. I didn't feel called to do it, but did it more because I was asked, which is and isn't a good reason. I never really got excited about it like I usually do.

We've been swimming and to the beach.


We welcomed July with M receiving weekly sessions with the Burn Institute of San Diego. Her counselor is helping her delve into her feelings about her hand, and come up with things to say when people ask what is wrong with her hand. We've made GREAT strides in her security just since the beginning of July, and after going to Burn camp I think she realizes she is NOT GOING to another family. We're it. She wasn't so sure we were picking her up after camp, but she was exhilarated to see us!  She's been with us since Christmas 2011 and after all her moving around you can see why that thought would be in the back of her mind. She certainly was bumped around for her first years. At the end of this month she will have been with us the same amount of time that she was in her last family-twenty months. We learned two important things this week and the healing that has taken place just since Monday is remarkable. She feels safe enough to let us know what has happened in her little world. We love her so much.


Steve and I went to see Fleetwood Mac in concert. Oh my goodness, do they know how to put on a show. I love them.

Scotty Boy had his second birthday, but we went to Palm Desert for our annual get-away for a few days. There was a bad fire in the nearby mountains so we didn't get outside like we normally do because the air quality was horrible.

Scotty's mom had a another baby at the end of the month. Little Stephen Daniel made his appearance into the world on July 31.