Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Saturday Steve and James went to Tijuana with Spectrum Ministries. They set up showers on a dirt lot allowing children who have no running water to bathe and get a clean set of clothing. James helped Shawna with games and Steve helped direct the chaos. After serving the children for hours, many, many tacos later and hours at the border they made it home about 7:30 that night, tired and dirty. The sand was blowing and made it into their eyes and hair. Nothing a good shower didn't take care of.

Monday my brother called to say he made it home from Afghanistan. Yeah!!!! He's in the Air Force and was over there serving our country, that's you and me, people! We owe him and many others a great deal of thanks. He and his family have made great sacrifices. I was thumbing through a catalog today and there is a t-shirt that says, "Home of the Free, Because of the Brave."

Speaking of serving our country, Sarah's boyfriend, Nathan, left Monday night for Air Force bootcamp. We heard yesterday that he arrived in San Antonio last night. He made his final call to her before turning in his cell phone. He'll be in boot camp for eight weeks and then he's off to Florida for six months to attend airplane mechanic training. She's hoping to take a trip to Uncle Steve's since he lives near the training school Nathan will be going to.

Yesterday we hit Disneyland one last time before our annual passes expire. They expire today so we couldn't resist riding the rides one last time. Yesterday was perfect in every way. The weather was wonderful, the attendance at the park was minimal (read-we could push a double stroller around without running into people) and the little girls did great. Unfortunately my camera cards were full so I didn't get pictures with my camera. I know Sarah took some, but the babies aren't on any of them. Oh well. Their Christmas decorations were up and Christmas music was in the air, quite festive in my opinion. We were even able to ride Finding Nemo which was quite a feat since the lines are ALWAYS at least a half-hour long. Yesterday there was maybe a ten-minute wait.

Today we recuperate. I didn't schedule school so we could relax. We have Awana tonight and that's it for now!

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  1. thanks for taking the kids today. hope it all goes well.