Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adoption Update

Last night our social worker sent us our homestudy rough draft. I edited and corrected a few things and sent it back. Since yesterday was a holiday for AWAA they received it today. Except the homestudy wasn't actually attached to his (our social worker) email so I sent it to our family coordinator who will take 1-3 days to review it and then it goes to the program director who will release the files of the two children that we're interested in. The two children we're interested in are from AWAA's Waiting Child List. The children on there either have a medical issue or are just older. We are pursuing one of each. I have found that most of the families waiting want children 0-5. Since Steve and I are older we're more open to maybe what we wouldn't have been if we were just building our family.

After our homestudy is approved we send it off to USCIS to apply to bring orphans into the USA and get fingerprinting appointments. We were able to raise our fees for that step through ebay sales. I sold our Lamplighter Publishing books and Our Story Hour audiobooks. $1000!!

We're sending out fundraising letters to family and friends. AWAA just opened a new program called Eternal Families and donations can now be funneled to them and are probably tax deductable. We're giving people the opportunity to partner with us financially to make the difference in the life of two children. We figure the worst they can say is no. We're letting God lead and accepting any answer. But if we don't let the need be known, well, then the need might not get met.

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