Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Presidential Bingo

I teach a Presidents and States class through our local ISP (Independent Study Program).  The kids love bingo so I made up a bingo game using the faces of the Presidents. I thought about buying a set but they run anywhere from $20 to $30.

First I researched Presidential pictures and found these.  President Pictures and then I printed about five or so of each. I have about seventeen kids in the class and decided to use three across and three down since these are for grades 1-3, I thought it would be easier for them and their aggravation level.

I used one set for my calling set and I glued those on cardstock and cut them apart. I then took paper and cut them in half and glued the pics of the Presidents on. I had to make sure they're all different so only one child can win at a time. I also added USA in case I wanted to say  "U-William Harrison."

I also printed this Presidential Information and wrote in the order that each President served.  We'll use pennies or beans or something else to keep track and I have little prizes for them to win. I promised two brothers that I would come up with something and I think they'll like it.

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