Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick baby

Last week Sarah took Isaiah to the dr. for his two month check-up. He was a little overdue and he had a cough so she thought that would be a good time for the doctor to check on him. Now Sarah is nineteen and this lady doctor is in her fifties. Sarah figures the doctor knows what she's doing, but the dr. said, "I probably shouldn't give them (his immunizations) to him, but I will anyways."

Fast forward about twelve hours later and I get a phone call from her, and then a facebook chat. Isaiah isn't breathing right. We confer and she decides it isn't an emergency but is going to keep an eye on him. I have to get off facebook because we were watching Makenna, and she fell out of the bed she was sleeping in. Uncle John (11) had begged for Makenna to go to bed with him so we allowed her to, but he had fallen into such a deep sleep that he didn't have a good hold on her and she rolled off.

After a bit Miranda (Makenna's mom) picks her up and I go to bed. I get up the next day and find out that Sarah had taken Isaiah into the emergency room about 3:00am because he wasn't breathing right. The doctor said he had RSV and a double ear infection. What?!!! How did the previous doctor not even 24 hours earlier miss all that? and on top of that gave the poor baby three immunizations which would have been more if they hadn't been combined.

I offered to drive over to help her if she needed it and she took me up on it. So Wednesday afternoon I headed over to the Phoenix area by myself. I love the drive over there. It is a quiet pleasant drive and the sunset in my rearview mirror was spectacular.

When I arrived Isaiah was sleeping and didn't look so good. His eyes were red and he was struggling to breathe. I wasn't so sure he shouldn't go back in. He woke up from his nap and he seemed to have turned a corner. He started back on the road to recovery and got a little peppier. Thursday he was even better. Though not all the way back we was on his way. I was able to help clean while Sarah was nursing and while I held him she was able to get some things done. I wish we lived closer to one another so I could help her more. It's good to know she's just a little bit of a drive away.

                                  He's saying, "Mom! Help me!!"

Isaiah is doing better and they need to find a new pediatrician off base that takes their military insurance. It's tough for new parents and young ones at that! I was so proud of her for taking him in to the e.r. on her own. This is a girl who hates to even talk on the phone! Baby is in good hands with his parents. Thankfully they're spectacular parents to my baby grandson.

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