Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brazil Mission Trip

Joe (15) is going on a mission trip to Brazil this summer with our youth leaders and some of the kids in our youth group. As is typical with fundraising he sent out donation/fundraising letters awhile back. Last week he got a call from a couple who was willing to give him a very generous donation IF he went witnessing with them ten times and worked in their yard ten times.

Last Saturday was the first time Joe had ever been out witnessing and I'm sure was very apprehensive. They went to Balboa Park for Earth Day (yeah rough crowd) passed out million dollar bills which I believe have the gospel message on them. One man about fifty got in Joe's face and tried to argue with him, yelled at him, verbally abused him and Joe kept calm pointing him back to the Bible. Joe told him that he didn't know all the answers to the questions he was coming up with and told him if he wanted to know more he could talk to his mentor who knew more. The man declined telling Joe he wanted to talk to him because he was more vulnerable. Joe finally told him after the man didn't like Joe's future career choice (law enforcement) that they would have to agree to disagree because it was obvious they weren't going to come to an agreement on anything.

Yesterday they went to SDSU and passed out million dollar bills and he videotaped his mentor doing some open air preaching. Saturday he is set to go again and pass out Easter eggs with the gospel messge tucked inside and some candy.

If you have work that you would like him to do and you're local he's for hire!

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