Saturday, November 12, 2011

Organizing adoption notebooks

When we started the process five years ago I kept all papers that came through my hands. After the adoption process itself was over I kept the more personal things in a notebook for each girl, and put thebadoption papers away in a file.

Today I went through the six notebooks and got caught up for now. I could always do more but it was enough for today. I also went through all the monthly updates and pictures for Little A in Ethiopia and uploaded pics to Costco so I have a hard copy should my computer crash. I like to send her pictures of herself too. I can get a long distance smile from her that way.

I have referral information, updates, pictures, pictures of any friends that were in the transition homes with them, maps,  emails, post adoption reports and other stuff. It's their history on paper. It's all the history I can give them for now. I'm hoping someday soon to take them all back to see their families. But until then they have their notebooks to look through.

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