Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pictures for my adopted daughters

One of the adoption seminars I've attended in the past suggested having photo albums of pictures of and for your adopted children. As I thought about it I that was something that was missing in our home. It wasn't intentional, it just played out that way.

Back in 2003 a wildfire raged through our area and we had to leave everything behind. The next time a threat came through I grabbed all the photo albums. Since then though I had not had pictures printed much less placed them in photo albums.

My older kids have tons of pictures, but not so much for my younger crowd. I decided to start tackling that task. I bought a big photo album from Target that holds six 4 x 6 photos and more photo pages can be purchased to keep adding. So far I have the photos from when Addis & Abi Mulu first touched the water from the Pacific Ocean. I don't think they had ever been to the ocean since Ethiopia is landlocked. I think they had been to a lake before in Ethiopia, but not the ocean.

                                                       Pics are from June 2008

These are two of the pictures included. Weren't they cutie pies?

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