Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Year in the Life of a Big Family-July 23

A few weeks ago the three youngest girls all bought baby dolls at Target. It was a double win because they were on clearance. This baby wets her diapers when she's fed with the bottle that came with her. The girls have been wanting to go buy more disposable diapers, but I  nixed that idea. I told them the night before that we could make some diapers out of fabric we had. I used the disposable doll diaper they had for a template and then I drew each of them their own pattern so they could all trace and cut their own. What started out as making disposable diapers turned into a day long event with the girls making matching clothes for them and their babies. You may wonder why I was free with my fabric. I didn't pay for it and they were scraps that someone was giving away a few years ago.

                   They're at it again today so we'll see what creations they come up with. Added bonus: They're learning how to use cloth diapers using pins the old fashioned way.

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