Saturday, January 17, 2009

Acacia Village

From the CWA website:
Acacia Village is a brand new humanitarian aid project launched by Christian World Foundation at the beginning of 2008. Acacia Village is named after the acacia tree which is found all over Africa. It is known as a tree that shelters and protects. Now, with Acacia Village, CWF will be a sheltering and protecting presence for needy children in Ethiopia.
Steve and I were able to visit Acacia Village while we were picking up Addis & Mulu in April 2008. While driving there we found out that it is in Sebeta where Adah Derartu is from.

On the left is our driver, the man on the right was the judge who signed the adoption papers for Adah Derartu and Anna Mihret, he is now in charge of the Acacia Village project in Ethiopia.
Thursday night we went to our friends home that we traveled home from Ethiopia with. They had a fundraising dinner for Acacia Village, and she is competing in the Ironman competition in November. We met Louis Fawcett who is the Director of Development. Janus ( is willing to donate an additional $10,000 if she is one of the top fundraisers.

Louis Fawcett and us. We listened to a short presentation and watched a short DVD. They had a GREAT idea for fundraising and I immediately fell in love with the whole idea. Coin boxes. They're little cardboard box banks. They're small enough that kids can help and who doesn't have pennies around? A penny for an orphan? Anyone can spare that. There are said to be 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia alone. They need $4 million to build Acacia Village.

You can help! Kristen has until Oct/Nov to raise money. Ask me for a box if you see me. or you can make a secure online donation to Acacia Village today. All gifts are fully tax-deductible. Just make sure it goes under the name Kristen Hench (in honor of Iron Man) so she gets credit for it and maybe she'll be one of the top fundraisers and Janus will donate an extra $10K.
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The Grieshaber and Hench family:

They want to take this piece of land: There is an Acacia tree behind me, but it's hard to see.and make this:

Whatever you can do will go to Acacia Village to help build this amazing complex for the people of Ethiopia.

Can you spare a penny?

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