Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Celebrating Nathan

Wednesday we landed in San Antonio with Nathan's uncle and cousins, who also happen to be our really good friends AND go to our church which makes them church family. His mom, sister, mom's boyfriend and his dad and Nathan's niece were all on the same plane too. It was so exciting!

After we got settled in our rooms we all went to the Texas Roadhouse which was pretty yummy. I had ribs, a yam, and green beans. I think mine was the best, but I don't really know, it just looked the best. :-) Their homemade warm rolls were a feast for the palate too.

Thursday was the run-by. The trainees run by in formation while the spectators (their family and friends) are lined up on on both sides of the road cheering them on. As we walked up I couldn't believe that we saw Nathan. We had no idea it was really him until it was too late. Then we were so excited. WE SAW NATHAN!!! I felt like I was in the Nathan fan club. They ran by again a little later in full Air Force sweat suits. After the run-by the trainees go back to their bunks and us spectators have time to kill. We went to the mini-mall on base and filled our bellies on Subway and Starbucks. We hung out and visited until it was time for orientation and we headed over there. They told us civilians all the do's and don'ts that we were to follow. We then headed over to the bleachers to get seats for the Coin ceremony. This is where their drill instructors present each member of their individual flights a coin representing their transition from trainee to Airman. Nathan was in the 324th Flight. We had perfect seats and he was in the perfect spot for us to see him.

Sarah waiting. See how happy she is?Nathan had just received his coin. He is the third one down.In formation at the coin ceremony.
We're so proud of him!!!! He had base liberty so we ate at Godfather's pizza. He was lovin' it! Graduation on Friday
Airman graduate Sarah and her Airman He's going to work on F-16's so we had him stand next to one.
After the graduation he had base liberty until 2pm and then town liberty until 7pm. We took him to Outback Steakhouse and then had him back early. Saturday he had town liberty all day so we picked him up and went to IHOP where we waited over an hour for a seat. After IHOP we headed to The Alamo and The River Walk.

My amazing daughter.
Nathan & Sarah
Me & Sarah
Us at the Alamo


  1. Sarah and Nathan look very happy together. It will be fun to watch God work in their lives :)

  2. WOW! Looks like you had an eventful trip. Will Nathan be stationed in San Diego?

  3. Neat! Thanks for sharing. I have a fondness for A/F uniforms! My Grandpa was a Lt. Col.