Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joe's 13th bday

Today is Joe's 13th birthday. Joe & I celebrated by going out to lunch with dad at Island's. One of the workers gave us a free basket of onion rings for some reason. (They didn't know it was Joe's bday.) When I pondered why Joe said, "When life hands you a free basket of onion rings don't ask why, just eat them!" Okay! So I dug in. :) We then took his broken XBox to Game Stop where he was given $30 for it. He put that towards a hard drive for his new XBox 3 that he is buying from another family.

Joe came into the world at 10.10lbs and he's always been our biggest boy, except for that moment. James also weighed 10.10lbs believe it or not.
He's taller than any of his siblings have ever been at each age. Jared & Jake are about 6'2"-6'3" so I imagine he'll be at least 6'5" or so.

By the way, I saw the CUTEST baby last night at a baby shower. OH MY GOSH!!! This baby is gorgeous!!! You can see him at http://itsasunnylife.blogspot.com He is so handsome it's unbelievable.

Jesse & I went to SDCC to get his school books for the next semester. He couldn't believe he has to study this HUGE biology book in a semester.

I heard from my niece yesterday. Hi Jazzy! I haven't seen her in years and years and now she has two children of her own. Wow!

I think the time has come that I have to learn how to make Ethiopian food. The girls, especially Abi Mulu wants it more frequently.

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  1. thanks vikki. we think he is pretty gorgeous, but probably we are biased.