Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

The day started bright and early here in sunny So Cal. Em and the girls went out to the playground to get some energy off. I sent Addis outside to take some pictures.

The day went really well. We were all getting to know one another. I purposefully would pull Em to me every hour and give her kisses upon which she would squeal to get away but really wanted more. At one point she wanted off so I let her off, she took two or three steps, turned around and said, "Okay, just one more." She LOVED all the attention and affection she was getting. Daddy was giving her kisses and whisker rubs which she said she detested but then again wanted more. So funny.

Christmas Eve night we walked through Starlight Circle and looked at Christmas lights. It was a little difficult trying to keep three little girls on the sidewalk and not in people's yards where they were stepping on wires and such but we were able to contain the masses.

It was overwhelming for her to come into such a new situation right at Christmas but I believe it was perfect.

Christmas Eve Steve and I spent the night wrapping and getting the stockings stuffed. It was a very exciting and overwhelming day for all to say the least.

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