Thursday, December 18, 2008

John Newton: The Angry Sailor

I just finished a short little book about John Newton. Who? He wrote Amazing Grace in the 1700's. you know who I'm talking about! Well Scholastic offered a book through their reading program many, many years. I read it quite a while ago and thought about it for my Class Day Living Books class. Bingo. This book it is well worth the search and the read.
John Newton: The Angry Sailor (Preteen Biography)

Here's a description from the back cover: John Newton hated being a sailor. The ship's officers gave him all the worst jobs, whipped him if the tasks were not done perfectly, and practically starved him while they ate huge meals. John wondered how God could have let this happen to him. Every day he got angrier and angrier with the other sailors and with God. He fought with everyone and stole whenever he got the chance. By the time he was seventeen, he had on of the worst reputations in the whole navy!

John prayed that God would get him off the horrible warship where he worked, but he never stopped to think that God might have other plans. Read about John's dangerous and exciting life at sea and find out what God did have planned for the angry sailor.

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  1. Wow reminds me of someone...Makes want to read this book more than ever, thank you!!!