Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Adah Patadah Derartu!!!

That's our pet name for her: Adah Patadah (potato) Derartu. She's two today!!! Happy Birthday you little firecracker. :) I'll take & post "official" pictures after my camera is done charging.

Here are two pictures from last year. She had only been home about three weeks when we took these. When she was in Ethiopia she grabbed her ears and cried. You can see her tugging at her ear because she didn't like the flame. At least she wasn't crying!

Look how bald she is!


  1. I too share the same Birthday with Ada, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADA!!!9/12

  2. Happy birthday to Adah!! Love the nickname. Looking forward to seeing the 2 y/o picture. :-)