Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ethiopian Gathering

Saturday we had friends over. One set of friends were adoptive families that have adopted or are adopting from Ethiopia, and the other set of friends were members of Maranatha Evangelical Ethiopian Church. It was wonderful to bring the two communities together and visit for the afternoon. I made spaghetti and the Ethiopian people brought injera and all the fixings to go with it. It was fantastic, splendid, wonderful, awesome, all those words that can describe when things just can't get any better. The Ethiopian men & women loved up on the kids that have been brought here from their homeland by loving families, and the kids in turn felt loved by their people. How great is that?! Addis & Abi Mulu loved showing their home and their bedroom to their friends and loved the idea that they came to THEIR house. It was a great afternoon and I even got some injera instructions out of it. If I go Friday to the church "Momma" is going to give me an injera starter. So far both attempts at making injera have failed. Oh well. That's what stores are for, right?

John & Bethlehem (Betty) She often challenges him to greater things of the Lord.

Joe, Joel, Betty, John & Momma

Minnie & Addis

Abi Mulu

The food line Helping herself to Injera
Pastor Mel
Abi Mulu, Anna Mihret, Addis
Anna Mihret


  1. Vikki,
    Thanks again for opening up your home. It was such a blessing to meet your family, the other families that have adopted and the families from the Ethiopian church.

    God Bless You,
    Sherry Campbell

  2. What wonderful, wonderful pictures. I can only imagine how amazing the gathering was. Little Anna has grown so much!

  3. Vikki,
    It's been several months since I've been able to visit.
    So much has happened! It is great to see the newest girls doing so well- they are growing fast and so beautiful! I wanted to ask you to email me. Hubby and I have some acquaintances at church who are feeling led to adopt from Ethiopia and want someone who has used the agency you used to adopt Addis and Mulu. I never did find the family who adopted Betlehem and Elsabet...did you?
    We had a really rough experience with an older child from Ethiopia in our home for awhile, but we were not able to give her the help she needed, so she has gone to another place. More about that privately if you are interested.
    Please email me at hollymac828@yahoo.com as I didn't save yours so I can put you in touch with this sweet young couple with a heart for Ethiopia.

  4. Thank you for the pictures of your get-together... really nice.

    Peace & Love Paula