Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday was an eventful day. We started by taking Sarah to the dr. for a bruise on her leg. She had been in the week before, but the "knot" that was in the middle of her leg was getting harder and bigger. The dr. said for her to rest and not play soccer, so no soccer game today!

I decided to see if Addis could squeeze into the appt time with Sarah. She has an infection on her face that started out as a molluscum and after it drained became infected. She's on antibiotics and it's healing nicely.

As we were driving down the road I decided to check on my sewing machine that was getting repaired. I hadn't heard from them so decided to stop in and see what was up. The clerk said she called about a week ago and left a message. one said a word about it. Par for the course I guess! I did buy a walking foot so when I sew my quilts my machine doesn't have to work so hard.

We then went to the pharmacy and visited with people around us while we waited in line. (Felt like I was back at Disneyland.)

I brought them home and then met Steve for an early dinner. Sarah, Joe and James had to be at church by 5 for a JR high event. They had lots of fun and a little mischief. :-)

We were up bright and early for soccer games yesterday. 8, 9:30, 12 & 2. Talk about being exhausted. I then gave a devotional at Nicole's wedding shower. I felt very inadequate, but did it anyways. You know, who am I to give Nicole advice on marriage? Hopefully you were able to take something from it Nicole and I didn't bore you to death. There was a chocolate fountain at her shower. Oh My Goodness......I think I could have just laid my face in it, but I behaved. I didn't. I settled for marshmallows, pineapple, bananas, strawberries & rice krispie treats smothered in chocolate.

Today we had church and soccer pictures.
(I did get to visit with Judy, Sharon & Keri.) Hi girls! (Fellow Christians at that!)

Steve took me out to La Pinata in Old Town. Sarah is babysitting so the older boys watched everyone with strict orders to those under authority to behave OR ELSE!!!

I visited with some older teens who were here and have now left. We're all just relaxin' and takin' it easy. Life is good. Hot tea in front of me. Too bad that Disney Almond Roca is gone.

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  1. As always it was good to visit with you! Wish we could do more of that but thankful knowing we are involved where the Lord requires us to be :)