Thursday, October 18, 2012

Busy family week

Sarah and her family are here visiting for the week. We're giving her a baby shower on Saturday to celebrate the impending arrival of Elizabeth. We've been busy shopping for food, paper goods, food, outdoor swing cushions, food, food, and more food!

We're going with different kinds of dips for her shower. We decided on one with chili and cream cheese, another one for fruit with cool whip. cream cheese, and something else in it, spinach dip, and salsa.

Tuesday night twelve of my thirteen kids were here, along with their families. We had potato soup, rolls, and two cakes from Costco. Yesterday we had meatloaf, Jalapeno hashbrown casserole, and carrots. Later today we're hitting the pumpkin patch and dad is bringing us some $5 pizzas.

We bought some brown curtains to hang so my son-in-law just went out to buy the rods for me. We have blinds which drive me absolutely batty since we live on four acres of dirt and have a lot of windows. Keeping the WHITE blinds clean is a losing battle, but I haven't wanted to fork over the money for something so trivial.

Today we're going to make Sarah some Magic Cookie Bars and make some fudge as party favors for her shower. Pick up the girls from school and go to the pumpkin patch. I don't think Meski has been before since she keeps asking what it is. She'll have fun. I'll post pictures when I get a chance.

I did go in and talk to the principal about our social issues and he's going to address them. Hopefully everything is resolved. It really is a great school, just like anywhere though, there are mean girls.

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  1. Maybe Addis need homeschool and no the littles ones. I'm sure you know what is the best for you and the girls.