Sunday, May 4, 2008

CWA Acacia Village

After swimming on Thursday and packing to go home we took our luggage to the front desk where they held it for us until we needed to leave for the airport later that afternoon. We waited for the CWAE driver to bring us our passports and take us to Acacia Village. There was a mix-up with the passports and they didn't have them so we headed over to the office to retrieve them. We were leaving that night and NEEDED them IN HAND. When you're over there you have to constantly communicate and not assume anything.

We drove to Acacia Village which is land that CWA acquired through a lease and they plan on building a boys and girls home and other buildings and support services necessary. On the way I asked the driver where we were and he responded, "Sebeta." I couldn't believe it. This is where Adah was found in 2006. I looked and looked and wondered where her mother placed her. Did she do it in the dark? How sad and how hard it must have been for her. Was she just a young teenage girl? Did she try and take care of her and it was too much? What did she look like? Was she out there walking around with everyone else? Does she know what a precious gift she has given us? You would have to see Adah to know. She charms EVERYONE she comes across. Everyone is her friend.

The man in the picture on the right used to be in charge of the intercountry adoptions in Ethiopia. He told us that he would have signed Anna & Adah's adoption papers in August. He resigned from that position and is now the director of Acacia Village. The man on the left was our driver that Steve nicknamed, "Rambo."

When I told the director about Adah he said, "This is her land." This is Sebeta, Adah's land.


  1. Vikki, all I can say is, "Wow."

  2. Thank you for the great narration and pictures... that is interesting about Adah being left in Sebeta and your description of every thought going through your mind, while you were right there. She was so lucky to be found and wound up thousands of miles from home, with a good loving family. Just goes to show, God does work in mysterious ways.