Saturday, May 10, 2008

First weeks at home

Our first week at home was a whirlwind as would be expected. Steve went to work that Monday and I stayed home with the children. We didn't do school as we felt that just acclimating to one another was enough learning for the week.

They did smashingly well at church both Sundays. The first Sunday we didn't go to SS, but did go to the worship service. I'm sure they were overwhelmed with all the new faces and hellos, but they were very gracious about it all.

This week we've been to various doctor appts. Addis saw the pediatrician and received her immunizations as well as a TB test, blood draw, bone scan, and an OPV stool sample kit. Yeah, I get to scoop poop again. Lucky me! Yesterday I came across a treasure of which I'll spare you the details. Let's just say she is now on meds to get rid of roundworms.

Mulu went yesterday for her pediatric visit and isn't doing so well today. She has a fever and is lethargic from those pesky shots. She also had the TB test and blood draw and I get to scoop poop for her too.

I told the lab techs that I use a clothespin on my nose so I can't smell it. I had them in stitches. They went and got me gloves and masks to wear. It's not enough. I still have to have that darn clothespin on over the mask or I can smell it and if I can smell it; it's not getting done. It's gotta get done so on goes the clothespin.

Wednesday they both went to the dentist and both need extensive work. We found out that Addis needs more work than Mulu. Addis's teeth are her adult teeth too, so that kind of stinks for her. She has some deep cavities in the back of her mouth. Mulu needs her rotten tooth pulled from the front side of her mouth and then the tooth next to that needs a crown. They're going to hate me by the time this is all over. And it was all going so well...............sometimes moms have to do what they have to do.

Anna went to the doctor this week to get those pesky molluscum off. They're healing quite nicely and she's much nicer to look at. She was looking a bit like a potato with all those "eyes" growing off her skin.

So we're not in survival mode anymore which is good. We've accomplished school this week and things are going smoothly. Laundry and meals are a constant, but what would I expect with twelve people living in the same house?

Oh! One of the lab techs is going to give me some clothes for Mulu. She was going to give them to the GoodWill, but after chatting with her this week she wants me to come get them from her. Yeah!!! These girls need clothes bad. Addis is bigger than we thought so her dresses are too short. I ordered some longer ones from Land's End and they fit her well. With your help on finding the bike shorts from Walmart I think we have some modest girls. The other day Addis didn't have her shorts on and when she sat down we could see her undies. I told her to go get her shorts on and now she always puts them on. They're so teachable and eager to please. I like that!

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  1. Happy Mothers Day Vikki!

    Reading your blog I get the impression everything is going well, you're taking care of their health and dental issues right away they will love you for it in the long run. Are roundworms the same as pin-worms? I would have liked all the details:-)
    you said the girls need clothes bad, but didn't give their sizes, I'm sure all of us that read your blog would love to help. Good to hear Addis put on her bike shorts when you told her, without a fuss... you don't want them showing their goods:-)

    Take care have a Blessed Mothers Day Peace & Love