Friday, May 16, 2008

Life with ten children at home

Life is certainly not dull, boring or uneventful. Do those all mean the same thing? Maybe, probably, I don't know, I can't think that deep. If Sarah isn't with me when someone asks me a question I usually give them a blank stare. If she's with me she answers for me. It's a beautiful thing to have a wonderful daughter who knows you so completly she can answer other people's questions for me.

I have been busy this week with school. Trying to keep up with the boys while at the same time I have two girls who wander around and are still getting used to their home, along with two toddlers who want mommy or sissy all the time or they want something that mommy or sissy has to get for them.

Addis & Abi Mulu have started taking the girls out to play for a while in the morning. This is a good thing. They play so well together. I knew they would. They put the girls in the strollers and walk them around the yard. They fill their myriad of paper bags that they find with toys. Steve calls them the bag ladies. The bags go in the basket of the stroller and all is well in their world.

Sometimes Addis wanders in when we're schooling at the table and grabs a piece of paper and asks for the ABC chart. She loves to write her letters and can write her numbers to sixty. Today I bought them a few books at Office Depot to "practice" school. Abi has not had any schooling, but it is obvious that Addis has.

We've been to Kaiser or the dentist every day this week. I was able to turn in stool samples for both girls. I thought I was going to have to stalk Abi Mulu to get her third sample so I could turn it in. They call their stool, "caca", you should have seen me explaining to them that they needed to caca in this white bowl and then place it in the plastic bag. At the same time they could not get it wet with urine. I tried to explain by placing the bowl by my hiney-Caca-YES! Then placed it in front saying-Peepee-NO!! When I finally got Mulu's needed sample I started doing the happy dance and I think she thought I was a complete nut. Well, I am, but she doesn't need to know that just yet.

Abi Mulu had one of her teeth pulled this week and another crowned, while Addis had fillings put in her back adult teeth. We're coming to the realization that Addis is about nine and Abi Mulu is six as we thought.

Life is going good with them. They have fit into our family exceptionally well. Jared and Jacob have come by when they can to bond with the girls. Usually they just wreak havoc, but what are big brothers for?

I've also been busy with college plans for Jesse. We're tyrying to figure out if he's going to San Diego Christian College, San Diego State University or away to VA at Patrick Henry College. Such big choices. Scholarships, deadlines, SATs....

I have been cooking at home more. The girls seem to like our food more and more. I feel I need to take them for some Ethiopian food. I know if I were in Ethiopia I think I would want a big ole' cheeseburger about now.

A few weeks ago Jesse & Sarah also went to the Spring Formal through our ISP. You should have seen eleven of us marching in to watch Sarah come out of the dressing room in her beautiful dresses. The clerks thought we were a day care. Oh no! We're a family, that's all. :-)

The laundry NEVER quits, the dishes never stop getting dirty, toys seem to always be out, but........we have happy children!!! We have happy parents and we have a happy family. We love our big, happy family!

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  1. You sure sound busy, Its good to hear that you and Sarah are so in tuned to each other my son and I are like that. That's funny Steve calling the girls bag ladies:0)I bet they look cute.
    So Addis has an interest for learning, that's a real good thing!she will teach Mulu. I wonder if the word (ca-ca) is understood universally.... my grandmother was from Europe and used to say that all the time when my sister and I were young, I also have heard Russians use the same term to their kids.
    It might be fun for Jared to drive the girls around in the Scout Car like he did one of your younger boys, but without the handcuffs:0)
    Remember the lady in Southfield that has the Ethiopian restaurant well she was adopted to by white family too, my neighbor pulled my coat to their restaurant and told me how good the food was.
    Good luck with the collage choices, and everything else that comes your way.

    Peace & Love