Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great phone call!

At one of our pediatric appts for Abi Mulu and Addis our nurse, Cathy (a family friend), mentioned that an Ethiopian couple comes in every now and then. She wondered if it was possible would I like to have contact with them. Would I ever!!!

This week or last they must have went in for a visit because I got the call that she had given them our phone number! A few days ago I got THAT call!! He was very, very nice and told me if we needed him for any reason to call him. I asked him if he would talk to the girls and see if there was anything they wanted to tell me. He willingly did so and it was quite comical on our end since the girls have never used a phone and didn't know that a voice especially one speaking Amharic comes out of it.

He told me after talking to each of them that they are happy and are doing fine. They had nothing they needed to tell us. He thanked me for taking in children from Ethiopia. He couldn't believe it when I told him we had also eight bio children. We're hoping to have him and his family over for dinner soon.

Oh, I also told him that we took them out for Ethiopian food last week and he thought that was wonderful. Apparently he used to own an Ethiopian restaurant called The Blue Nile here in the San Diego area. Someday I or the girls or all of us may get a cooking lesson or two!

Thank you, Lord for helping us in this way!


  1. Alright! How cool.
    Peace & Love and all Gods Blessings

  2. Oh what a blessing!! Glad you can have some communication with the girls until they are able to speak english. Can't wait to meet them!