Sunday, June 1, 2008

Home School Banquet & Blessing

Yesterday Steve, Jesse and I went to our ISP's Senior Banquet & Blessing. It was held at a very nice country club in a really nice part of town. The seniors made a photo board of themselves to display. Jesse's turned out nice. I'll post a picture later.

We had salad first and then a choice of prime rib (yes!) or chicken (boo! hiss! who wants chicken when you can have prime rib? Steve, of course).
For dessert there was a wonderfully rich chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top. Of course this all went with the refreshing free-flowing ice tea.

Before and after our meals different parents shared a blessing with their child. It was to last one to two minutes in length. Steve shared with Jesse want a blessing he has been in our lives and how special he is.

Did you know that after our first two children we weren't going to have any more? If Jacob had been a girl I would have had my tubes tied. I had a C-section and the doctor asked before I was sewn up, but Steve told him, "No." Thank God he did!!! What a blessing of a son we would have missed out on.

He came five years after our second son and he's so different than our other boys. He's very quiet where Jared & Jake were rowdy. He's also very internal, a deep thinker, a brainiac and has tremendous musical ability and athletic ability.

Thank you, Jesse, for being a wonderful son. We couldn't have asked for more.

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  1. I love your testimony, Vikki! Whenever we meet someone that has the "perfect two" (a boy and a girl) and they comment that they couldn't imagine having more kids or something like that, my husband says, "That's only because you haven't met them yet." It's the truth. It's not like you get a generic boy and generic girl. We have two girls---total opposites---and three boys---different as night, day, and... well, you know what I mean. Number six is due on the 19th and I don't expect him/or her to be like any of the others. Each one is a unique, God-picked blessing.
    Have a great week,