Thursday, June 12, 2008

Appts and Sickness

James has been sick since last week. I was at Kaiser with him until 9pm or so on Saturday night. We thought he had strep. I wasn't sure it wasn't his mono recurring. I called yesterday to get the results of his strep test and it was negative. That's after two different antibiotics. One chewable that he didn't like and the other the liquid form. He doesn't need either one now.

Turns out he has hand, foot, and mouth disease, but only has the sores in his mouth. The dr. prescribed him a "magic mouthwash" with three different meds in it to help with the pain and management. I think the jello I made was better for him in his mind. He ate that and didn't try the mouthwash. He did have to switch to Advil instead of Tylenol for the inflammation and I think it REALLY helped. Hopefully he's better soon and NO ONE ELSE GETS THIS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS DISEASE.

Addis had her last dental appt yesterday. She had three fillings and came out shaking and dazed. Poor thing. Hopefully her teeth will NEVER be this bad again. She maxed out her dental benefits for the year.

Joel had his cavity filled on Tuesday afternoon. Turns out he also has cavities between his two front teeth. He has an extra tooth in his mouth so I think his teeth are squished causing more dental decay. I also think he has his dad's teeth which aren't very strong because he's always getting dental work done. Now we have to be extra diligent for the next year brushing and flossing that area since his teeth aren't loose at all.

Maybe this is one reason why I'm so tired?

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