Friday, April 11, 2008


Now that we know our embassy date I've been busy filling out our immigration forms that we need to take to the embassy with us. Last time what seemed to work well for me was to put my papers in the clear report covers, labeled them, and filed them alphabetically, placing them in a zippered file holder to take on the plane with me. I'm using the same method because it was so easy.

Our grades are also due for our homeschooling. The third quarter is over and it's that time again. I have three done and three to go. It's always a pain in my neck to get those in within two weeks.

Tonight I was invited to go to a Beth Moore conference here in San Diego so I'm going with two friends and we're going to have dinner first. This is really something I don't do very often so I hope I know how to behave!

Donations are coming in for us to take to a few orphanages while we're in Addis. It's awesome to see the Lord work through others.

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  1. You are definitely organized! Have fun at the Beth Moore conference....and good to her that those donations are coming in as well.

    God Bless you all, peace & love