Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well......we leave tonight

All of our planning and getting ready comes to a head today. We leave tonight. Packing is overwhelming to me. I hate to make the decisions about what to take, what will I need, can I do without this?

I enjoyed my midnight snuggle with Adah last night. Knowing I won't get to snuggle on her for another week. What is this going to do to these poor girls? They've been home for eight months now and mommy is leaving for a whole week. I'm sure they'll be very whiny and want mommy when I get back. I think I might get stuck in the rocking chair for a good while. That's a good thing. :-)

Donations are packed. We were able to fill a bag with 50lbs of used clothing. We ran out of weight before we were able to use the baby clothes, but at least we can take some older clothes for KVI.

I bought the girls some shoes at Target and some hoodies. So we're all set! I made their bed so it's nice and inviting for them next week. Now I just need to pack our (mine, Addis & Mulu) bags. Uh.....the dread of it. I also need to pack three boys who are going to their cousins for the week.

I'm bringing some story books in Amharic/English so Addis can read them this week. I have the black Barbies and some Barbie clothes ready to go. Dollies need to come out of their boxes. So much to do! Only twelve hours left before we leave for the airport. Tick.Tick.Tick.


  1. Praying for safe travels and a wonderful trip sister!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Counting the days until you return. Can't wait to hear all about it!!

    Much love and blessings,