Sunday, April 27, 2008

Travel to Ethiopia

Jesse drove us to the airport and came in with us. We had an extra bag and wanted to be able to send it home with him if it was going to be too expensive to take. It was. The airlines wanted $180 to take a 50 lb. bag of used clothing. We were allowed four bags total, two for each, with no extra charge. We each had our own suitcase plus two duffel bags for Kingdom Vision International's orphanages. We decided we would rather give Eyob (KVI) the $200 rather than the airlines.

I saw a couple that looked Ethiopian in the San Diego airport so I asked them if they were traveling to Ethiopia. They confirmed they were and told them we were too. I was able to ask questions about the ET church here in town. We continued our conversations in the Washington D.C. Dulles airport. He asked us where we were staying and he did call us to go for coffee, but because of time we weren't able to go. I'm hoping that we can connect somehow through divine intervention when they return to the San Diego area.

Our flight was long and uneventful. In the airport we paid and received our Ethiopian Visas. We then traded U.S. dollars for birr and then got in line for Immigration. While standing at the window I spotted Kassahun, our CWAE (Christian World Adoption Ethiopia) driver from last time. Once we made it through he greeted us by shaking hands with Steve and giving me a hug and saying, "Hi, Mama!"

All of our luggage made it safely and we loaded the bags in the car. He took us to the Sheraton and we were able to go to our room and shower before meeting our girls.

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    I can't wait to read more!! And hear how it is all going :)